13 Factors Preventing Fertility!

13 Factors Preventing Fertility!

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Every couple who decide to unite their lives dream of crowning this happiness with a baby. Some of the couples have decided to have a baby just last month and are quick enough to give the good news this month, but some may have to wait for years to hold their offspring.

This is due to the fact that the fertility characteristics of every man and woman are different.

Well factors that negatively affect fertility What? What can be done to minimize the effects of these negative factors?

What is Fertility?

Humans are mammals that give birth to their babies and feed them with milk. Reproduction in humans; come together with sperm from the egg by combining cell nuclei It is a miraculous adventure that begins and ends with the birth of a baby.

This adventure, the ability to reproduce fertility It called.

In human reproduction, the person who experiences the pregnancy and performs the labor is the woman. However, in order for reproduction to occur, not only the woman but also the man must have a healthy reproductive system.

But the couples hoping to have a baby About 10-15% of fertility It is faced with various problems.

Factors Affecting Fertility

Many living things on earth have certain common features. Reproduction, such as reacting to stimuli, feeding, breathing, digestion, excretion, growth, is one of these vitality characteristics.

However, some factors negatively affect reproduction, which is a natural action in humans. The most important of these factors are:


The period in which metabolically reproductive cells are produced the most healthy 20s and 30s between. However, the role and expectations of individuals in society today change in social life has advanced the age of having a baby.

In other words, when individuals say to end their education, to have a profession, to gain economic freedom by getting a job, to get married and to spend some time with their spouse, the age of being a parent is now close to the 40s.

Of course, there may be acquaintances around you who have a baby after the age of 45; however, this does not mean that everyone can have a baby after this age. We are planning our lives Our reproductive system is also slowing down every year.

Fertility in women, which has decreased significantly after age 35, will continue to decline at an even greater rate in the coming years. For this reason, parents who want to have a baby age factor should take into account the plans.

If you are not yet ready to become a mother or father and you think that time has passed quickly, you can freeze your reproductive cells in specialist clinics. infertility factor can minimize.


Estrogen is an important hormone that is produced in the ovaries and prepares the female uterus for pregnancy. The secretion of this hormone more or less than normal reduces the chances of women becoming pregnant.

Studies have shown that a small amount of fat cells estrogen producing shows. So being overweight or well below the ideal weight value may cause this epidemic to be more or less than normal, preventing pregnancy.

For this reason, it is important for women who want to get pregnant to be careful not to be overweight or too weak and to take care to stay within the ideal weight range.

Should I get pregnant when I am overweight? You can read our article. Click the link.

// www. / Overweight by-pregnant-heavyweight-min /

Genetic Transfer

Regardless of the health problem, the genetic reason is that doctors first ask if the disease is in individuals in your family.

When we come to the world, not only the eye color of our mother or the length of our father, but also the genetic disorders they carry or their susceptibility to getting these diseases.

Therefore, if your mother has had menopause at an early age, it should be borne in mind that there may be a significant decrease in your reproductive cells and therefore your fertility at an early age.

There is such a possibility, and if you do not intend to have a baby in the near future, you may want your egg cells to freeze.

Smoking and Alcohol Use

Researches, infertility problem of individuals living In 13%, the problem was substances. These substances not only harm the fetus, but also the production of hormones that produce reproduction.

It reduces the quality of reproductive cells in couples and prevents the transfer of fertile offspring to future generations. Individuals who want to have a healthy child should definitely avoid addictive harmful substances.

Medical History

Gynecological surgical procedures, chemotherapy, radiation therapy are among the factors that affect fertility negatively.

Because these methods can reduce the reserve of eggs in women by damaging the ovaries. If for any reason you have to undergo treatment that could damage your reproductive system, you must egg or sperm cells must freeze.

Thyroid Diseases

The first values ​​checked by doctors in individuals who cannot have a baby hormones secreted by the thyroid gland It comes. Because the thyroid gland to work more or less than normal, disrupts ovarian function prevents pregnancy.

This disease is very common and may be the cause of infertility. Generally, the problem is solved in a short time with a simple drug treatment.

Sexually transmitted diseases

Sexually transmitted diseases, such as genital warts, syphilis, chlamydia and gonorrhea, can damage women's egg channels or ovaries and prevent pregnancy.

To avoid these infections, a multi-partner, unprotected sex life should be avoided.

Extreme Sports

Heavy and long-term exercises prevent ovulation and prevent pregnancy. Therefore it will exceed 5 hours a week heavy-paced and strenuous exercises should be avoided.


It might be good to start the day with a cup of coffee. But we should not forget the fact that everything is too much damage.

When more than 5 cups of coffee are drunk a day, caffeine is taken from the mature female reproductive cell. follop tube, womb it affects the functioning of the muscles, ie fertility. Thus, neither fertilization nor embryo can reach the uterus.


Business, traffic or livelihood concerns are a major source of stress for many of us today. This source can cause physical disturbances as well as psychological effects such as depression and sadness.

The most important of these physical disorders is reproductive system disorders. Because stress, by changing the level of enzymes and hormones in the body prevents ovulation and prevents pregnancy.

Exposure to Chemicals

Shampoo, perfume, cleaning products, furniture paints, thinner, wall paint, adhesives and many other products are of poor quality and contain harmful chemicals; can prevent infertility by preventing ovulation in women and sperm production in men. Therefore, it should be ensured that the products used do not contain harmful chemicals and heavy metals.


Breastfeeding during breastfeeding prolactin called hormone. This hormone has the ability to suppress ovulation. Breastfeeding high prolactin level however, this should never be used as a contraceptive method.

Birth Control Needles

Experts say that women who are protected by a birth control needle can become pregnant 1 month after the needle is released. But sometimes this period up to 3 months It may occur. Therefore, in case of inability to conceive after needle protection, panic should not be performed and the effect of the needle should be waited for a while.

People are fighting infertility all over the world. Methods used in the fight against infertility influenced by culture and religious beliefs, therefore it varies in certain parts of the world.

However, on the basis of the treatments and techniques used factors that negatively affect fertility is involved in the fight with. As long as the source of the problem is correctly identified and the necessary treatment is applied, the majority of couples expect health Will.

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