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How does the diaper rash?

How does the diaper rash?

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Daily care of a baby is always an issue that requires much attention. The selection of each product you need for care must also be taken into account.

Especially under the age of 1 and newborn babies their skin is very sensitive. Therefore also used diapers, outfit or In your daily routine personal care and cleaning your preferred materials should be matched with its delicate skin.

Otherwise your mini skin disorders such as allergic reactions and rash viable. The most common of these problems diaper rashis a problem that can be experienced in every baby from time to time and complicates the lives of both children and parents.

So why are babies diaper rash, how diaper rash passes and what are the ways to prevent it?

What is diaper rash?

rash, with other name 'Diaper Dermatitis'is a type of skin irritation in babies, usually occurring in the butt, butt circumference, between the legs and genital area.

It is composed of mildly raised, itching redness and lesions. These bubbles cause pain and itching to disturb the tiny deterioration of sleep and feeding patterns may even lead.

Irritation of the closed areas in the diaper is inevitable unless precautions are taken.

Rash Symptoms in Infants

Many people have problems distinguishing the skin from other skin disorders. A simple skin rash can be confused with these rashes, or a mother who has a rash on her baby may be worried with suspicion of a different disease.

Here are some of the symptoms that will help you to distinguish whether your baby has rash or not:

  • Skin rash; rash area in the form of large and small spots in the form of rash.
  • Swollen and fluffy appearance; The skin has a rough appearance and a swollen and fluffy appearance.
  • Intense redness; the places with mild irritation are pinkish, the more intensely irritated are intense red.
  • Aqueous bubbles; sometimes the rash may be in the form of bubbles filled with water.

What are the causes of diaper rash in infants?

Babies are born with a layer of vernix on their skin at birth. This layer acts as a protective shield against newborn external factors and covers the upper skin of the whole skin.

It also helps maintain body temperature. However, in some cases, washing or cleaning this layer immediately after birth makes the tiny ones more vulnerable and accelerates the formation of irritation.

Well causes diaper rash in infants?

The rash that occurs on the skin in the form of rash occurs when the baby's skin remains wet and moist and cannot breathe adequately.

Especially the diaper is attached around the butt, groin and genital organs The main reason for the formation of the baby's skin in the diaper is closed all day and the skin and feces are in contact for a long time.

The causes of rash formation can be listed as follows;
  • The butt area remains in contact with the feces for a long time; Ammonia in poo and urine causes burns and irritations if it comes into contact with the skin for a long time.
  • Infrequent replacement of the diaper; When the diaper is frequently contaminated, a sparse diaper change causes the skin to remain airless for a long time and to be exposed to excessive moisture and heat, causing rash formation.
  • Various fungal and bacterial infections in the genital area; fungi and bacteria need a warm environment to grow. These organisms proliferate rapidly in the closed diaper, causing irritation.
  • Long-term antibiotic use; The use of certain antibiotic medicines can lead to the death of beneficial bacteria in the body. This accelerates the formation of infection and consequently irritation of the skin.
  • The introduction of new foods to the baby's body during the transition to supplementary food; new nutrients means new habit of defecation. Feeding your baby directly affects the defecation and frequent pooing increases the likelihood of diaper rash.
  • Chemical exposure of the baby's skin; The preferred soap and detergents used for washing cloths and the wet wipes used for butt cleaning may cause redness due to some chemicals in their formulas.

Ways to Prevent Rice in Infants

In babies, it is important to prevent the formation of these skin rashes before treating the rash.

  • Avoid harsh and irritating movements during bottom cleaning
  • Genital area cleaning only use warm water and cotton
  • Not to use chemical care products
  • Keep baby's butt clean and dry all the time
  • Every diaper change nappy diaper rash cream or apply petroleum jelly
  • Changing diapers frequently
  • Not using very tight diapers and panties are effective methods to prevent diaper rash.

How does the diaper rash?

There are different treatment methods to eliminate blisters and rashes that occur on your baby's butt.

Well how diaper rashes in babies?

If skin irritation is caused by bacteria, antibiotic-containing drugs and creams are used, while fungal antifungal products are used.

The main goal of treatment is to relieve complaints and lesions and to prevent recurrence.

The most important points in the treatment of rash are the regular use of the medications prescribed by the doctor and hygiene. Keep your baby's butt as clean as possible, change diapers frequently, and use medicines and creams. periodic ventilation Click on the link below to review the specially designed diaper rash cream considering your baby's health.

How to Choose Rash Cream?

Rash creams are the simplest solution to protect the skin of the little ones from a possible rash problem.

Every time you change a diaper, you can protect your baby's skin from irritation by applying a thin layer of cream to the cleaned skin. However, it is necessary to pay attention to the ingredients when choosing these creams.

Diaper rash cream;

  • PH 5.5,
  • In the formula necessarily repairing effect high and allergic reaction zinc oxide that does not form,
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals,
  • It should be free from unnecessary preservatives and additives such as dyes and perfumes.

Mothers who have rashes in their baby

Reddening and lesions on the delicate skin of your little offspring can leave you desperate as a mother. At times like this'what is good for babies? ' answer the question.

  • Frequent ventilation of your baby's skin allows your skin to breathe and relax. Therefore, you can have the opportunity to spend time without diapers whenever you have the opportunity during the day.
  • Warm water will reduce the feeling of itching and burning on the skin. You can try to keep your butt in the water for a while during bathing.
  • Anti-rash creams will help relieve complaints while treating.
  • Increase the frequency of changing the diaper, even if the diaper is not completely contaminated, so that skin contact with the diaper is as low as possible.
  • Try to change your diaper more often at night.

Herbal Solutions for Cookies in Infants

There are also different herbal methods that can be applied to rash for parents who want to soothe their baby's skin, who don't benefit from creams and want to try herbal solutions:

  • Brewed and chilled island tea with the help of cotton cold press
  • Pure olive oil rides
  • Coconut oil lead
  • Apply a thin layer of egg whites
  • Chamomile tea rides
  • Almond oil and Consisting of vitamin E oil maintanance
  • Vaseline
  • Use of St. John's Wort oil with healing effect on wounds
  • Wash the area with chilled water boiling walnut leaves
These methods are thought to both comfort and accelerate the recovery of babies. However, these herbal solutions, which can be used to prevent and improve the diaper rash problem in infants, should be consulted with a doctor before application.

It is not right to apply any substance to the skin of your pup without approval.


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