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2 What is Age Syndrome? What are the symptoms?

2 What is Age Syndrome? What are the symptoms?

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Being a parent is an excellent feeling, but it is not easy to know.

I Adolescence may be a bit of a challenge, but it's going to be wonderful every moment other than that, düşünüy she thinks, if you think you're going to raise your youngster to perfection just as you'd like, until the puberty comes. 2 years syndrome he is known to those houses do not know the festive period.

If you say, “No, I heard it, I have news. Esi you cannot understand things without experiencing.

2 What is Age Syndrome?

Did your baby, who didn't make a two before, happily accept all the rules, and never complain about it, started to change?

Then it's time to ask what is 2-year-old syndrome. If your baby is currently in the age of 2, you are quite right to ask, ne How long does the 2-year syndrome last?…… 1.5 to 3.5 years period.

Babies who learn to walk or even run and can reach anywhere they want to be free now and almost fight for this cause.

When you say, giy Come on, put your shoes on, let's go out ”,“ Come on, it's time to eat ”or“ It's time to sleep, onun he says a big “HAYIIIIIIR!;; the most powerful offensives of this war are that she tries to dress her up, undress her, or insistently try to dress herself as she tries to take off.

Like the 2-year-old syndrome, 3-year-old syndrome is a period in which both infants and parents feel deeply. Click here to read our article on Age 3 Syndrome:

// www. / 3-wet syndrome-definition-jumped manic-6-route /

2 Age Syndrome Symptoms

Growing children requires love, patience, dedication and compassion. You can't control your baby forever. Of course one day he will start making his own decisions and become a free individual.

The first freedom trials In the period of 1,5-3 years Instead of saying “NO ya to your baby or blocking your behavior, you should create safe environments where they can experience freedom.

The first thing you need to do is to get to know your child well and learn about the symptoms of 2-year-old syndrome.

The most common 2-year-old syndrome symptoms during this period are:

  • He refuses the help of his parents and wants to do everything himself.
  • Although he refuses to help, he is aware that he cannot do many things by himself. This reality makes him vicious.
  • He gets angry very quickly, especially when his requests are postponed or blocked.
  • The first answer to each will be “No..
  • It may exhibit behaviors such as tapping, biting, pushing, throwing things.
  • They are stubborn, crying to get their wishes, throwing themselves to the floor, they don't mind having nervous breakdowns…

Therefore, you may experience crying crises during this period, and you can see that your calm child starts to break hitting all of a sudden.

Dear parents; While you are raising a baby, many people, especially your mother, father, mother-in-law and your father-in-law, or whether or not they are experts in their fields, will give you ideas about raising children.

And even if some of them are right, believe me, some of them have never spent a long time with children before. Some things are difficult to understand without experiencing. Having a child of 2 years is exactly the case.

How to Treat a Stubborn Child? You can watch our video.

If your baby is at age 2, you can:

  • It is not possible to get out of the house on time with a 2 year old child and catch up with your destination.
  • Going to work, meeting with friends, shopping for whatever you want to leave the house, it is not possible to go on time with a child of 2 years.
Just as he is going out the door, he wants to buy toys with him, he cannot decide which toy he will buy or he decides to paint and run to his room, sometimes he doesn't want to wear shoes or if he has snow outside, he wants to wear shorts and if it is too hot he wants to wear a coat.

At these times take a deep breath, you will manage to leave the house albeit late.

You can do all the cleaning of the house with the effort you spend to dress her. The most distinctive feature of this period is your baby's emancipation effort.

The desire for emancipation is so important that they want full independence not only for their behavior but also for their clothes. One of the things that makes the little ones most happy is that they don't even want to be in captivity.

Therefore, it is not easy to dress her. The fact that he took off his first one before you put on one sock and went to the other, you took off his clothes in order to put on his pajamas and waiting for him to sleep when he could not succeed, because he did not want to wear his coat. screaming or trying to run barefoot into the street as you can see the outside door open.

When he doesn't do what he wants, he even breaks the apocalypse.

2 Age Syndrome and Crying Crises

Cryis the most powerful communication tool that babies use from the moment they are born.

In the 2-year-old syndrome, crying becomes a goal rather than a tool. So the little ones look for an excuse to cry and accidentally remove a toy from the floor, an object you touch, you go out of the room, change the TV channel or even your phone rings to scream there may be a reason.

  • Babies of 2 years know no limits!

They are so stubborn that they can give up their stubbornness, even their favorite things. It is necessary to address the will now ipIf you don't collect your toys, I'll throw them away! ” Believe you will be harmful when you are in such exits.

You can get detailed information by reviewing our article on coping with stubborn children: // www. / InatCi-child-press-cikma-yontemleri /

Because two-year-old babies will give up the stubbornness of what you are threatening to throw away, and it won't give a damn about it. And by throwing it, you're wasting your own money. Sen If you don't get dressed, we won't go out! ” You will not be able to get out and dress with your sentence. We advise you, instead of threatening to detain, go to agreement.

  • No matter how young you try to teach table manners, he will eat whenever and wherever he wants.

Parents whose baby is 2 years old, Ta I don't feed them around in life! ” He should not try to learn how to use cutlery at an early age! Because they know that they are not in control, but in mischief.

Especially if food is the most sensitive issue for mothers, then all taboos will be destroyed. Where the baby eats, how, when you eat the mothers who say he can eat the baby thoroughly.

  • My baby should never say… she doesn't!.

A parent who has experienced this syndrome or who has had it before never makes clear sentences such as benim my child will never make it. Because babies can do anything to take control.
Saying “no asla is never a solution.

Experienced parents know that saying no to a baby with a 2-year-old syndrome will not solve the problem, instead they produce options.

Instead of saying no to the baby who doesn't want to sleep, it's time to go to sleep, they say, önce Do you want to read a book or listen to a lullaby before you go to sleep? Seçenek Thus, the child focuses on what to do before sleep, rather than not sleeping, because his / her opinion is asked and the decision is his / her own. So after the preference is fulfilled, it easily goes to bed by adapting to the process.

When parents say that they should raise children free of charge, they are not spoiled or spoiled children. insecure they need to raise their babies consciously.

It is very, very important to learn the 2-year-old syndrome, to know what to do from this period and to realize the symptoms of this period and decide what to do.

Following the answer to the question nasıl How to deal with 2-3 age syndromes?

If you have parents who have children around 2-3 and have similar problems, remember to share our article with them, will you?

We wish healthy, peaceful and happy days.

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