Book Advice for Preschool Children

Book Advice for Preschool Children

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Hello everyone, today I will make book suggestions for preschool children. These books will support the development of your baby, let's start.


Written and Illustrated by: More professionals named nur özkeçeci

Publisher: White Whale Publications

Age: 3+

Every day in the small forest, the koala, who sleeps soundly on tree branches, wakes up from his sleep with a big concussion even before the sun rises and falls from his tree before he even knows what happened.

When he looks around to find out what happened, he sees a lot of men chopping trees with tools. The koala, which has no tree left to sleep on because all its trees have been cut down, is forced to leave this place, which is so devastated to be called a forest.

A little paw and a long paw, a flat paw, a koala on the road, wrapped in an electric pole to sleep, trying to hug a dog, climbing the chimney of a house, but in vain…

Nothing he goes around, hugs, like his own house, his forest. Will the koala sleep soundly as before?

It's a fresh book to talk to your children about the negative effects of people on nature and environmental awareness.


Writer: Melanie Joyce

Illustrated by: Lizzie Walkley

Translated by: Example: ceren altunkanat

Publisher: Turkey Isbank Cultural Publications

Age: 2+

Would you like to accompany the joyful moments of the little bear with his grandparents? If yes, these books are for you! Tiny teddy bear is fishing with his grandfather; flying a kite; in summer it makes sand castle by the sea; snowman in the winter does not neglect to do.

His grandmother plays the midwife; going to the cinema together; sometimes they lie on the grass and watch the sky.

Grandfather-grandson / granddaughter Nine-drafted on the relationship, less writing and colorful visuals with Can Can My grandpa and granny, Turkey Isbank Cultural Publications of the new output.


Writer: Catherine Leblanc

Illustrated by: Eve Tharlet

Translated by: View Çiğdem's Full Profile

Publisher: MEAV Publishing

Age: 3+

While Martin is playing, his coat hangs on a tree branch. He immediately goes home and tells his mother. His mother says he can sew his coat with all his affection.

Everything is normal so far, but since Martin tore his coat, he worries if his mother will still love him and asks: "He did something bad."

Do you still love me? Ann Her mother answers: uy Wouldn't I like it, of course I do! Martin Martin feels relieved to hear this answer, but when she does other bad things, what if one day her mother stops loving her?

From time to time, children become anxious and some questions confront their mothers' endless love. Do You Like Me Anyway, he answers softly the answers to all the questions that poke the children's minds.

A warm story about the mother-child relationship from Meav Publishing.


writer: Julia Donaldson

Illustrated by: Axel Scheffler

Translated by: View Sima's Full Profile

Publisher: Beta Kids

Age: 0-3 years

Rabbit Sleep, your hero can not sleep in any way. I wonder who could have missed his sleep every time.

Postman Bear is writing a letter to his friends in the Acorn Forest, I wonder what friends he may have written?

Fox's Socks, The fox is losing his favorite socks. I wonder if the fox's socks are under his mat, in the watch or in the chest.

It is very easy to learn the answers to all these questions. How Does? Lifting the valves! Fairy Tales from Acorn Forest is a great series with hard cover and fun valves prepared by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer for ages 0-3.

I would like to make a proposal for the expectant mother.


Written and Illustrated by: More professionals named Gürel Süveydan

Publisher: Flamboyan Publishing House

Flamboyan Publishing has recently started publishing with great memoir albums and diaries. I can even say that his products have already conquered our hearts. I met his first memory album. Imagine a memory album, from the first moment you learn that you have a baby to five years after birth, every detail has been planned for you.

Let me briefly explain what awaits you in everything.

The album will tell you what you like to eat when you're pregnant, where you can store your baby's first ultrasound photos you can paste newspaper headlines, you can print your handprints and footprints, write your favorite toys and paste your photos.

You can add a photo of your first shoes, you can add photos of the holidays you went, taking a pinch of the first hair envelope, you will write your favorite songs, activities, colors, games, books, and talk about the first toy he took with you to the daycare center.

It is a colorful, full-fledged album of memories that you can not only count on which you can paste the works of art he drew. Enjoying every moment with your child, you can read your writings over and over again and review their photos.

instagram: 1children1book

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