What You Need to Know About Ear Piercing in Infants!

What You Need to Know About Ear Piercing in Infants!

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In the world, though still controversial in some countries, in many cultures, ear piercing and wearing earrings with different meanings, a practice also common in Turkey. Today, the earrings in our country does not contain deep meanings, but is worn for ornamental purposes only.

Earrings, which is an indispensable ornament of girls, should be worn and removed at a baby age compared to some families and according to some, they should be worn at the age that they can wait and make their own decisions.

So what do you guys think about piercing your baby's ear?

Pedagogically, biologically and medically ear piercing in infants In this article you can find what you want to know about the age and how it should be done.

What is Ear Piercing?

Piercing a particular area of ​​the ear to attach it to the ear is called ear piercing. The ear may optionally have different regions of the ear lobe. cartilage lobe, helix, tragus, anti tragus can also be perforated.

The pain and healing time vary according to the amount of meat, cartilage or fat of the punctured region. Ear Piercing The preferred region for infants is the ear lobe.

This region is very fleshy and does not contain cartilage because it is less painful and healed in a shorter time than other regions.

When should the ear be pierced in infants?

Advantages and Disadvantages of Piercing in Different Age Range!

The most precious ornament of babies is their bright eyes. However, fancy hairpins, tinsel clothes, stylish shoes with the beauty of our little puppies to add beauty makes us very happy parents.

That is why it is very normal for us to buy and wear our beautiful baby as soon as we can see the stylish design earrings with ladybug, butterfly and colored stones.

Well, infants ear when drilled? Advantages and disadvantages of piercing and earring wearing at certain age ranges;

  • In Newborn Babies;

Some parents want to puncture their baby's ears soon after they are born. Thinking that when the baby grows up, it will resist the piercing process and cause difficulty, and maybe not allow it, they want to puncture it as a baby and get through this essential ceremony as soon as possible.


Since the immune system of infants under 1 year of age is not very strong, the germ It is high. For this reason, ear piercing is not recommended in very young babies.
  • In 1-3 year old babies;

Although children of this age range can learn to speak and understand what you are saying, they may have difficulty understanding the reason for ear piercing.

Because, no matter how eager you are, this process is not worth the pain of their lives and the opening of a hole in their bodies. If you do not act realistically, tricking or coercing your baby will shake the feeling of trust between you and your baby.

In addition, babies in this age range to remove the earrings snout The possibility of doing dangerous work such as should not be ignored.

  • 4-10 Years Old Children;

For parents who are impatient with the question of when the ear is drilled in babies and who want to wear earrings for their young. The ideal time is 4 years.

You can tell your child 4 years of age and older clearly and clearly, and perform the ear piercing process.

Parents who want to get their ears pierced in this age range follow two ways.

Some parents can realistically inform their children about the situation, while others can trick their babies.

  • In such a case, fooling your baby, without knowing or even if it does not hurt to tell you that you do not have to do the procedure permanent damage to their trust It may cause.

Also, let's say you have fooled and pierced the first ear, but how will you fool the second ear? There, your baby will break the other will insist on the other and will strongly resist. And he may not believe you again.

Believe in your ear with your baby to shake the sense of trust is not worth a transaction. So be open and honest with him.
  • You can motivate your mini by saying that you can wear earrings that you like when you do this operation and you can buy earrings with different colors and patterns if you wish. After giving the necessary motivation, the doctor does not use cream or spray and perhaps it is best to go on the path of convincing your little one by telling her that she can feel a tiny but absolutely painful endurance.
10 Years and Over;

Ear piercing is a very normal condition in our society, and almost all women are more likely to have children, even infants; It is an application that some of the men do in adolescence or adult age.

Although it is so common, whether it be a girl or a boy; some parents favor their children to decide on their own free will.

For parents who think so Ear piercing 10 years and older is an appropriate time interval.

Steps for Healthy and Safe Ear Piercing

In healthy and safe conditions, parents who want to get their ears pierced must perform the following steps:

  1. How to treat your baby Be clear and clear, describe the situation in detail.
  2. Ear piercing Take it to a sterile and specialized place, such as a hospital or pharmacy.
  3. Make sure that the earring you use for processing is made of materials such as steel, silver, gold.
  4. Make sure that the back clip of the product is screwed and not easily removed.
  5. Make sure the person's hands are clean and wearing gloves.
  6. To reduce pain, make sure they are sprayed with a numbing cream or spray.
  7. Stand by and support your baby during the procedure.
  8. It may help motivate you to offer a small reward after the transaction.

Care of Ear Care After Ear Piercing in Infants

Once you have successfully pierced your baby's ear, the most important thing to consider is the proper care of your mini's ear.

Proper care will help the wounds heal much more painlessly and quickly.

  • day turn the earrings two or three times to prevent them from drying out. After turning, clean the hole of the ear from both the front and back surfaces with an antiseptic product recommended by your doctor without removing the earring.
  • Apply moisturizing cream after cleaning.
  • To change the earrings and insert a new earring at least 6 weeks wait. Even if you change the earring, make sure that the product you will use within 1 year is still silver or gold.
  • It is normal to have redness around the holes for about a week. However, if you notice infection, swelling, or fever in your baby's ear, you should see a doctor immediately.

The fact that golden earrings take place among the gifts that come as soon as your baby is born shows that in our culture, girls are ear pierced at younger ages.

Ear piercing in infants Regardless of the age of the transaction, you must always stand by your miniature and be honest with it.

Things will be easier for you and your baby if you plan an activity such as a mini trip with your mini for post-processing, buying your favorite ice cream or a product you like in a toy store.


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