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Bıngıldak All Details About!

Bıngıldak All Details About!

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Babies need special care both physically and psychologically. Care of a tiny baby is an important issue that requires attention, attention and knowledge.

Especially in the first weeks of life, the immune system of infants is very low. They have not yet adapted to the outside world and cannot even hold their necks upright yet. Another important issue to be considered is the head region fontanel called the sensitivity of the region.

There are a number of factors that parents need to know and pay attention to.

What is Bıngıldak?

One of the most curious subjects of parents about newborn babies What is binggildak is the answer. Because the soft surface on the upper surface of the skulls, close to the forehead, is responsible for protecting the brain, one of the vital organs of the baby.

Brain, controlling all vital activities in the human body central nervous system is one of the most important organs.

Damage to this area is permanent and can cause serious consequences that could endanger life. Therefore, it is important to be sensitive about the sensitivity of this soft region.

Although the skull, which is responsible for protecting the brain, looks like a single piece, it consists of 8 bones. Other than the jawbone, these are firmly connected to each other by rigid joints and are very rigid.

The skull of the newborn is not yet hardened and cartilaginous and there are gaps in the joints of the bones.

What we say is Bıngıldak, in response; we can say that they are gaps in the joints of the hardened bones. 5 of these cavities on average, 5 of them harden until birth The frontal cavity does not harden.

This space is above the head of young babies, it can be easily observed that when moving from the outside, it is quite soft and therefore scares the parents a little.

What is Baby Knuckle?

Life is a miracle in itself. One of the most important parts of this miracle is the act of birth. Infantis one of the most perfect adaptations for the safest way to perform this action in humans.

Normally tightly interlocked skull bones in newborn babies have not yet boiled, bones between the bones called the formation of the gill we talked about.

These gaps are like the insurance of a safe birth with the following tasks.

  • No matter how much the vagina expands during labor, it is too narrow for the baby to get through. Even if the baby's head is stuck in the canal during birth, fontanelle allows the bones to approach each other to create the necessary space for birth.
  • It facilitates delivery by allowing the bones of the skull to overlap beyond approaching in difficult births and temporarily shrink the skull.
  • It gives life-saving flexibility to the bones such as crushing and bending during delivery.
  • During infancy, the brain undergoes a very rapid growth phase. While a skull that has become hard cannot keep up with this growth, to keep up with the rapid growth of the brain provides the necessary flexibility.

When Does Babylintel Close?

Newborn When babylinker closes in infants The answer to the question varies from baby to baby. Babies are usually born only with the front axillary, but some can also be born with the rear axillary.

Therefore, shortly after birth, by gently caressing the head of your offspring, it is useful to check if there is a soft area in the front and back. Because the closure times of these regions vary and require attention until they close.

The soft zone closes at the earliest 6 months and at the latest until 2 years old. However, when the baby is born with a soft zone in the back region, when you say that it closes; rear end Hardened within 5 months must be.

Knowing what it means to close soft areas before or after the stated average periods is very valuable for your pup's health.

Early Closure of the Mount

A very rare condition early closure of the mount for the little ones can bring some problems. This problem in the baby; The problem of the brain, which is also known as craniosynostosis, causes retardation in the growth of the brain, deterioration in the form of the head, and may cause increased pressure in the brain. Sometimes even surgery is needed.

Parents should not make the diagnosis of early closure of the gingiva with their own control. Because sometimes the soft area may not be felt even though it is open. Your specialist will give you more reliable information.

Late Closing

Early closure of the soft region as well as hardening for longer than the average may be indicative of some problems. Late closure of the mount Vitamin D deficiency in infants, hypothyroidism, chromosome and skeletal abnormalities.

If the soft region does not close even after more than 2 years, it should be taken to a specialist physician.

Important details you need to know to distinguish between normal and dangerous situations

Although you may have gained a general understanding of the subject, some special circumstances may cause you to worry about the health of your mini. The following information will help you to distinguish between normal and hazardous situations.

  • It is normal for the baby to move when the baby breathes, agulates or moves.
  • As soon as he cries or laughs with great enthusiasm, a swelling may occur in the fontanel. However, swelling does not return to normal, or laughter, crying, and so on. If swelling is seen in one of these conditions, but should be taken immediately to a specialist doctor.
  • During the period of discomfort such as diarrhea and vomiting, some precipitation may be observed. This indicates that the baby has lost too much water. In such cases, your baby should be breastfed more frequently if it is fed with breast milk. should give plenty of water if additional food and feed on juices should pay attention. You should inform your specialist.
  • The kninkle is not sensitive to touch damage and does not harm the baby.
  • It is dangerous for that area to suffer a severe blow and must be taken to a doctor.
  • Your baby's head shape may change until the fontaneller hardens. For this reason, the children should not be placed in the same position continuously, it should be allowed to reach in different directions frequently.

The brain is an important part of the central nervous system where all vital activities in the body are managed and is protected by the skull.

Therefore, the human body is adapted to protect this perfect organ in the best way, and babies are fontanel is born with.

To have the necessary information about the sensitivity of this region, late or early closure of the mount; impact, swelling, collapse and immediately notice the situation, such as any problems with your specialist will allow you to take immediate steps to resolve.

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