How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Nutrition?

How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Nutrition?

Can a newborn baby be given sugary water or formula before breast milk?

No more artık Correct! Wrong!

Can a 6-Month-Old Baby Eat Egg White?

1Delivery… Never given! Correct! Wrong!

Should goat milk be given to a baby under 1 year old?

1It is a source of calcium, of course it is given! Wrong!

Does the BLW (Baby Self-Feeding) Method Improve the Baby's Eating Skill?

1BLW or what? Of course it improves! Correct! Wrong!

What can a 7 month old baby eat?

1 Egg yolk, vegetable soups, cereals, custard… Cheese, meat, milk, strawberry.Correct! Wrong!

What are Prohibited Foods Before Age 1?

1 Honey, salt, sugar, chocolate, tea, cow's milk… Vegetable soup, meats, molasses.Correct! Wrong!

Should babies be given water before the 6th month?

1The must be given… Breast milk meets all the needs of the baby, not provided.Correct! Wrong! How Much Do You Know About Your Baby's Nutrition?

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