All About Proper Breastfeeding Techniques and Positions!

All About Proper Breastfeeding Techniques and Positions!

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All About Proper Breastfeeding Techniques and Positions!

The benefits of breast milk do not stop counting. So much so that breast milk, it is time to switch to additional food to meet the needs of your little puppy's body has the feature.

Therefore, it is inevitable for you to take various forms in order to give this miraculous food source to your mini. Finding the right technique when breastfeeding your baby on your lap, by lying on its side or by standing upright gas, vomiting like digestive system problems it is of great importance to avoid.

Especially the average of newborns per day Breastfeeding 8-12 times learning how to breastfeed in the most ideal position will become an important issue for you mothers who often breastfeed during the day to prevent breastfeeding from becoming a burden.

For this, the correct application of infants during feeding time Breastfeeding positionsis very beneficial for mother and baby.

If you want to know more about breastfeeding our breastfeeding guide You can review.

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So what should be the ideal form of breastfeeding, why is the position where you breastfeed your baby important?

The Effect of Proper Breastfeeding on Maternal and Infant Health

Breastfeeding is much more than an event that occurs when the breast is given to the baby. After birth you will learn how to feed your mini with the help of midwives and nurses.

But when you come home and stay alone with your baby, it's normal to feel like you've forgotten all you know.

Keeping in mind some important points while breastfeeding your little puppy will help you achieve the best sucking position for you and your baby. Correct breastfeeding position provided, both you and your baby will be more comfortable.

Benefits of Breastfeeding on Mother

  • Proper breastfeeding With, the baby nipple grip better and fully. This reduces nipple cracks and wounds.
  • As the baby can vacuum better, the hormones that support milk production are stimulated and milk secretion increases.
The baby can empty the breast more easily. This prevents breast swelling, pain or infection as a result of milk accumulation.
  • With the correct grip, the mother's arm and back pain is reduced and less tired.
  • With the ideal breastfeeding position, the mother can breastfeed longer.
  • Discovering the right breastfeeding increases the mother's self-confidence and communicates better with her baby.

Benefits of Breastfeeding on the Baby

  • If breastfeeding occurs in the correct position, the baby is less tired when sucking.
  • With full grip of the breast, the baby swallows less air bubbles and gas pains It decreases.
  • Vacuumed milk goes directly to the stomach of the baby and vomiting, removing the milk, such as situations are eliminated.
The baby's swallowing sound is more noticeable.
  • When the baby is full, it can leave the breast itself.
  • The baby sucks more peacefully.

Proper Breastfeeding Techniques

You can enjoy breastfeeding your baby, the mother and the baby is most comfortable and approved by the Ministry of Health correct breastfeeding techniques is as follows;

Embrace Position (Cradle position)

It is the most conventional breastfeeding position. It is also called 'cradle position' because of its grip.

  • Sit in a place where you can lean back, such as a chair or a chair.
  • If possible, an item is placed under the feet, such as a low stool, to raise the feet from the ground. This way, your baby can stand closer to your breast when you are in your arms.
  • The baby is laid on your arm on that side, whichever side you will suck.
The baby's head is on the inner elbow of the arm you embrace.
  • The baby's head and body are aligned.
  • With your arm and hand holding your mini baby's back and butt Supported.
  • With your other free hand, your baby will grasp the breast.
  • The baby should not bend over as his face and body are facing you.
  • To prevent bending over the baby, a pillow can be placed under the baby.

However, the embrace technique is more suitable for mothers who have given birth normally. It may not be an ideal choice for mothers who have had caesarean section.

In the embracing position, the baby may put pressure on the surgical sutures. This can cause pain in mothers.

In addition, the baby will use the neck muscles to reach the breast and newborn babies first 1-1.5 months of neck muscles they are still weak and can be forced in this position.

Therefore, other techniques should be tried until your caesarean section is healed and your baby's neck muscles develop.

Reverse Embrace Position (Cross cradle position)

The reverse hug technique is similar to the hug technique. The mother's sitting and posture are the same as in the embracing position. Due to the form of grip 'Cross cradle position' also called.

  • Whichever side the baby is sucking from the breast, this time it is grasped with the arm on the opposite side.
  • In the embrace technique, the baby's head is supported by the inner elbow of the arm, while this time is supported by your hand.
  • Your baby is held with your face facing towards you and your belly.
  • The inner side of the arm on the other side of the breast that your baby sucks and the baby's back are supported, while your neck and head are supported with your hands and fingers.
  • With your free hand, the baby is allowed to grasp the breast.

This technique is the ideal position for newborns and toddlers who have difficulty moving their head closer to the breast. Since the baby's head is brought closer to the breast with your hand, you do not have to bend.

Side Position

The side-lying technique is ideal for mothers who have had a tired or cesarean section.

  • Sleeps sideways on a bed or a long couch.
  • The baby should be placed in which direction the breasts will suck. Thus, the baby can stand closer to the breast and reach the breast without much difficulty.
  • The baby is laid with his face facing you.
  • The baby's head can be supported with the help of your upper arm or a pillow can be supported.
  • This method can also be applied by supporting your baby's head and back with your lower arm while you are in the half lying position (with pillow support on your back).

Armpit Position

Underarm technique is the choice of mothers who deliver by cesarean section. It is also a premature baby breastfeeding position Also suitable as.

  • Mother sits on an armchair or chair.
  • The mother bends the arm at the elbow and holds the baby under her arm and the baby's back is supported by a pillow.
  • The baby is held at your waist with its face facing you.
  • The baby's head is supported by the palm of your hand, while the other hand is grasped by the other hand.
  • Your baby does not put weight on your stomach as it is laid with its feet behind you.
  • This method is also the most suitable position for mothers with twin babies. It allows you to breastfeed both babies at the same time.

Tips for Easy Breastfeeding

Here are some tips to help you breastfeed your baby more easily:

  • Support your body during breastfeeding. You can use the breastfeeding chair, a seat with armrests and cushions.
  • Try breastfeeding your baby with the breastfeeding pillow or cushion. Both your baby and you are less tired.
  • Support your breasts with your hand while breastfeeding.
  • Make sure that each breastfeed is sucked from both breasts so that your breasts are not emptied and painful. Thus, milk release will increase.
  • Stay away from stress and relax as much as possible. Trust yourself when breastfeeding your baby.

You will find the ideal position for breastfeeding by experimenting with your baby. But at this stage, Breastfeeding positions The baby's sucking time can be transformed into a more comfortable condition, supported by some tricks to facilitate breastfeeding.

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