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How Much Do You Know About Baby Health?

How Much Do You Know About Baby Health?

Cold or staying in the wind can cause illness.

No… What we call a cold is about viruses. Correct! Wrong!

Sore throat should not eat ice cream!

Of course you shouldn't eat… No, it's edible! Correct! Wrong!

If we give him a protective antibiotic for the common cold, we'il stop him from progressing.

Please select 2 correct answers

Antibiotics do not work in virus-related infections. Antibiotics prevent the progression of the disease. Correct! Wrong!

Sick children should not leave the house.

On the contrary, the child comes out in health in the disease you call. Correct! Wrong!

The child with fever needs to be dressed in layers kat

Yes, our elders always survived diseases like this mu Does that ever happen? No such thing… Correct! Wrong!

Sick child is not washed!

Washed and washed… On the contrary, water relaxes the child. It is true, it is waited until it heals. Correct! Wrong! How Much Do You Know About Infant Health?

Don't panic if you're wrong. Take a look at our article on this topic and find out all the known mistakes: // www. / Child-health-on-true-false-known and /

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No morale as we said! You can find everything you want to know about baby health, or even make suggestions for the articles you want to read.

But in our opinion, definitely start from this article: // www. / Child-health-on-true-false-known and /

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