Coffee Consumption in Pregnancy

Coffee Consumption in Pregnancy

Coffee Consumption in Pregnancy

Coffee is one of the indispensable drinks for us when we are together or with our loved ones. For some of us, coffee times are an incredible pleasure and for some of us, there is a need.

We love to consume coffee as it accompanies our conversations, breathes in our busy tempo and adapts to our taste with its various aromas. Is it necessary to stop coffee consumption during pregnancy while loving it and having so much place in our lives?

Coffee during pregnancy drink is objectionable opinions are said since ancient times. In this process, the question of what kind of harm is one of the questions of the mother's mind. It is necessary to know well which foods should be consumed and how often during pregnancy.

Is it harmful to consume coffee during pregnancy?

Pregnant mothers pay attention to everything before they become pregnant, during pregnancy and after birth.

They try to stay away from anything that might harm her baby. Coffee consumption is also one of the situations they pay attention to. Some mothers do not drink coffee during pregnancy. But you might think that this behavior is necessary. Coffee consumption during pregnancy The question of how it should be is also important here.

  • The reason for reducing or cutting completely is due to the caffeine contained in the coffee.
Caffeine; It is known as a stimulant and pleasant substance and is abundant in coffee. Of course, it should not be ignored that caffeine is not only found in coffee.
  • It is important to avoid the excess of everything we consume. During pregnancy, consuming everything at the dose will be healthy behaviors.

According to the research done per day Consuming up to 200 mg of caffeine There is no harm on mother and baby.

Therefore, you do not have to take a break from your coffee tastes. You should consume only restrained and avoid exaggeration.

You can circumvent this period with health by minimizing the consumption of foods containing caffeine.

What are the damages of coffee consumption to the baby?

Excessive coffee consumption, that is, excessive caffeine taken into the body, can cause various damages to the baby during pregnancy and may adversely affect the pregnancy process. In addition to adversely affecting the baby's development, it may cause miscarriages in the first months.

The point you should pay attention to, If you love it and do not want to give up caffeine should not completely cut, reduce the amount of caffeine taken into the body!
  • The baby may experience developmental retardation in the womb because of caffeine that is consumed for a long time and more than necessary.

As a result of the research, the mother consumed 200 mg of caffeine per day and a 60-70 gram reduction in the baby's weight was observed.

As it is understood from this, caffeine may decrease the weight of the unborn baby and increase the risk of low birth weight.

  • It can negatively affect the brain development as well as the baby's body development.
  • Excessive caffeine consumption can cause miscarriage.
  • It is impossible for the unborn baby to be able to neutralize caffeine. High doses of caffeine entering the body, infants limb disorders why could it be.
  • The feeling of fatigue and weakness during pregnancy may increase for the expectant mother who is suffering from anemia. Because it also affects iron absorption, the expectant mother can minimize the benefit of caffeine, although she consumes iron-containing foods.
  • Calcium deficiency Excessive coffee consumption of patients with hyperthyroidism, sleep problems, and hyperthyroid patients may lead to adverse events.

In short coffee in pregnancy Consumption of excessive nicotine effect, such as alcohol effect can harm the unborn baby. You should never forget that you may experience difficulties in every situation you go to extremes and you must behave accordingly.

Before your baby is born, you should not ignore that any stimulation in the womb can be affected positively or negatively.

These are important details for healthy, peaceful and happy pregnancy period and after.

What Are Caffeine Rates of Daily Drinks?

Knowing how much caffeine you get in your body and the caffeine content of the drinks you consume during the day can help you set the drinks you consume. It is not difficult to estimate the amount of caffeine you take daily.

It is useful if you know this information:

  • 1 cup filter in coffee 135-200 mg caffeine located.
  • 1 cup of Turkish coffee 67 mg caffeine located.
  • 1 cup espresso course 212 mg caffeine has.
  • 1 cup of cappuccino 100 mg caffeine has.
  • About 150 cc of instant coffee 70 mg caffeine located.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee.

  • 1 box of cola 30-56 mg caffeine has.
  • 1 box of diet cola 38-45 mg caffeine has.
  • 200 cc ready tea 30 mg caffeine has.
  • 1 cup of green tea 20 mg caffeine has.
  • 100 grams of chocolate 20 mg caffeine located.

As a result, knowing the caffeine content of the foods will allow you to regulate the ratio of the foods you will consume.

The amount of caffeine is directly proportional to the hardness of the coffee!

Turkish coffee has a great place in our lives just like tea. Coffee time has become a habit for some of us. It is beneficial to reduce and control these habits as much as possible during pregnancy.

Turkish coffee during pregnancy you can continue to enjoy your time.

Of course, as we mentioned, in moderation…

How Should Coffee Limitation During Pregnancy Be?

  • Instead of drinking your coffee in a large cup you can drink in a smaller cup.
  • Instead of preparing coffee with a full spoon of coffee, you can reduce the amount of coffee in the spoon.
  • Turkish coffee during pregnancy When you drink tea consumed, acidic beverages, chocolate, such as nutrients should be careful not to consume much. You can try to adjust the amount of caffeine to your body according to your daily food and beverage status.
  • Decaf coffee can be another solution. Decaf Turkish coffee can be consumed.
  • When you feel uncomfortable, you can make coffee consumption excessive every day.
  • If you have a high daily coffee consumption rate before conception, you may now enjoy it rather than consuming a large amount of coffee healthy alternative drinks you can find.

You do not need to take out the drinks you have consumed. Accompanying our pleasant moments, comforting us, one of the indispensable of our breaks turkish coffee can continue to consume.

You see coffee during pregnancy is not as damaging as it is thought. No negative effects of one cup of Turkish coffee were found in the researches and controlled experiments.

The researchers agree that the high levels of caffeine ingestion are harmed. What is important here is caffeine consumption rather than coffee consumption. The limit of consumption varies according to metabolism.

What you need to do; daily coffee consumption in moderation and controlled to consume. The solutions you choose in this process are entirely up to you.

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