Useful Tips for Your Constipated Child!

Useful Tips for Your Constipated Child!

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Useful Tips for Your Constipated Child!

Babies and children often suffer from constipation. For the first 6 months breast milk give, constipation One of the first measures to be taken against.

Child Health and Diseases Specialist from Acıbadem Bakırköy Hospital Sevil Elcin Kizilok, constipation is seen at any age is a digestive problem, stating that some babies receive breast milk, despite the problems in the structure of the intestine can draw attention to constipation.

Up to one year old as cow's milk causes constipation in infants cow's milk they do not recommend.

Why Are Children Constipated?

Dr. Sevil Elçin Kızılok lists the causes of common constipation in infants and children as follows:

Congenital diseases such as bowel width can lead to constipation. When such problems occur, children are followed by pediatric surgery and pediatric gastroenterology specialists.

Familial slowness is also an important factor.

Child drinking milk important in terms of healthy development.

However, 500 ml a day after half a liter becomes harmful.

Children who consume more than this amount of milk as well as iron deficiency constipation is also seen.

There are foods that protect children from constipation. Fibers in vegetables and fruits cause pulp to form.

Therefore, while feeding the families' children, Vegetable and fruit mainly feeds required.

If the child does not like these foods, it is useful to make them attractive by mixing them with different foods such as fruit yoghurt.

the Children you need not to let it take solid food constantly. Solid food can lead to constipation. Remember, it is also important that the child consumes enough fluids!

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The most effective way to prevent constipation is to increase water intake

Breast milk meets the child's every need. However, sometimes problems in the structure of the intestine can cause constipation, even breast milk.

Another factor seen in children, not to go to the toilet in school. Many children do not go to the toilet due to various reasons such as short breathing intervals, crowded toilets, and do not hold the large toilet. This directly affects this process.

There are children who do not want to toilet for psychological reasons. If the child does not have any digestive or anatomical problems, it may be necessary to refer them to a psychologist.

Ne What should I do if I have constipation that develops after I start supplementary foods? ” You can watch our video on:

Regular use of constipation drugs is a must

Some medications are used to treat constipation. However, problems can occur during the use of drugs. Families do not use the medication as much as necessary for fear of habit.

However, these drugs soften the hardened feces. Some mothers may prefer to use suppositories instead of medications for the treatment of their babies' constipation. Because the wick is much more comfortable for mothers.

However, if the mothers use the medications given by the experts in a timely and proper manner, the success rate of the treatment increases.

Learning to Eat Properly Protects Constipation

Referring to the problem of constipation caused by not consuming pulp foods. Sevil Elçin Kızılok gives the following information about nutrition:

Emek Not eating enough vegetables and fruits prevents the formation of pulp in the intestines. One of the consequences of this situation is constipation. ”

In order to avoid this problem, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition. Also after drinking water on an empty stomach, dried apricots and consume dried figs It should be known that it increases intestinal movement.

If the child does not eat dried apricots and dried figs, it can be effective by mixing in yogurt or giving fruit purees. Another important point to note is that the snacks should not be skipped.

Snacks also lead to increased bowel movements. Another important point is not to overdo it in confectionery, chocolates, hamburgers and other fast food foods.

Some mom's grandmothers take care of the child because they can work, and they can give the child solid or sugary foods because they can't stand them. However, 'the child wants' to give foods that affect health negatively, is not true.

The main thing is to eat the child correctly and healthy. The foundations of this are laid in childhood. For this reason, families need to be more sensitive about making children eat healthy eating habits. However, it should be borne in mind that this habit requires effort and patience. ”

Dr. Sevil Elçin Kızılok states that constipation is a treatable condition and the child with constipation should be brought to a doctor without delay. Although the constipation lasts long, the problem can be chronic in a child who is not taken to a doctor.

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We wish you a healthy, happy day!

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