Needs List for After 1 Year

Needs List for After 1 Year

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Needs List for After 1 Year

You have finally brought your baby to the age of 1 and you have left behind such a tiring, yet tiring period. Your baby; It is entering a critical period in which a significant development and observable change will occur in many different areas, especially cognitive, physical, social and emotional development.

Your miniature that crawls and erodes places can no longer walk or even run; your baby spelling the names of individual objects to make meaningful sentences; generally liquid, puree and soft foods your baby will start eating more solid foods.

This process; baby's need list it will be very enjoyable for you and your baby if it is created correctly and all the deficiencies are removed according to this list.

Steps to Create a Conscious Baby Shopping List

Most people, especially women, like to shop. It's only a matter of time before you get to be a parent. The first thing you need to do to avoid losing control of shopping, baby shopping list should be create.

The following are the points you should be aware of when determining baby needs.

  1. Remember that being a good parent isn't about getting your baby to see what your eye sees, but to be able to buy products that really contribute to its growth and development.
  2. For your baby's age baby shopping list Create.
  3. After creating the list, identify the products you already have and remove them from the baby's need list.
  4. Some products do not wear out very much when used. Therefore, contact your brother, relative or friends who already had a baby and narrow down your list by identifying the products you can borrow from them.
  5. After your list is final, if possible, go shopping with your partner, if not with an experienced relative.
  6. For shopping, choose baby shops that specialize in mother and baby.
  7. Product of your baby suitable for developmental characteristics such as height, weight, age Check whether
  8. Shop consciously by checking the expiry date and content of each product you buy.

Baby Needs 1 Year and Over

Until you brought your mini to this age, you already have the many products you need. However, due to the rapid changes in your baby's growth and development, you will still need some products.

In this period you should definitely baby needs we've categorized the list for you; you only have the most enjoyable part of the shopping

One of the most important needs categories of your fast growing pup;

Textile products

Baby is the kind of product that never lost its place in the shopping list. Because; infancy is a period of rapid growth and as a result, “I just bought it last month, it shrank immediately!” is often normal.

Therefore, taking into consideration both your age and height and weight characteristics of your baby, besides sleeping bag, pajama suit, long sleeve-short sleeve body, sweatpants, shoes; Unlike 0-1 age range pants, skirts, dresses, you can add products to your list now.

One of the important products for the need list of the toddler in this period non-slip socks It will be.

You can reach our baby textile products by clicking the link; //www.e- / baby-clothing-c4050 /

It's time to make small touches to the baby room

Bed, quilt, pillow, bed linen, crib, curtain, such as the basic needs of a baby's room, had already been met until the age of 1.

In this period, the best thing you can do for the baby room is to activate the baby's perceptions by adding some mobility to the environment. With fun patterns, motley wall decoration products You can do this easily using.

Continuing Solid Foods with Breastfeeding;

Your baby over the age of 1 who continues to breastfeed or formula is now more diverse and high nutritional value will need.

In this period, mothers' greatest helper in the kitchen yogurt machine and steamer products. It is also aimed at encouraging your baby to eat self; plates, spoons, forks and aprons.

You can easily access nutritional supplies for additional food by clicking on the link; //www.e- / nutrition-equipment-c4107 /

ebebek Did you know that our YouTube channel includes both nutritious and healthy recipes for your baby

Click on the link to access Hammm time recipe videos; //

You need some tools and equipment to spend time outside with pleasure and confidence

To ensure the safety of travel in the car, the mother's lap, which is used up to a certain weight and age, will not be sufficient after a while for your pup over the age of 1 and growing day by day.

The right thing to do during this period is to get a car seat belt anchored or isofix car seat. Isofix base, car seat cover, car seat belt pouch, neck protector cushion, child seat belt, isofix belt, booster, auto side window sun visor, travel pillow, car seat toys with accessories such as your baby can easily provide safety and comfort in the vehicle.

You can get a cane stroller after 1 year of age for your baby that you have taken out with the travel system stroller before. Since the cane stroller is lighter and easier to use, it will be a handy product to carry with you even during the holidays.Click the link for easy access to tools and equipment! ; //www.e- / tool-device-c3733 /

Taking a Bath is More Pleasant!

your baby basic bathroom needs one of the most necessary products you will get after the age of one, considering that you have already acquired so far; We can say that your baby will be non-skid, providing safety by preventing your baby from sliding in the bathroom.

Your baby can not stay in place during the bath with a bath toy can distract. To prevent your baby from getting cold in this period, who usually loves water and does not want to leave the bathroom. good humidity and temperature meter You can learn.

Bathroom cleaning is an important issue that should not be interrupted for your baby's health. A reliable brand that does not contain harmful chemicals for your baby surface cleaner We recommend that you clean your bathroom frequently.

Click on the link for easy access to bathroom amenities; //www.e- / search? text = bath +

Your Growing Baby's Personal Care Needs Are Increasing!

The place of baby care products is important in the needs list of the baby as it is tiny as well as sensitive. Considering the fact that the little ones over the age of 1 want to go out more now, sun protection creams must be on your list.

Every month, the number of teeth increasing your baby, you will get it healthy toothpaste And with the brush set, you can now start your own dental care. Of course, in order to prevent unwanted accidents, you should be careful to be in custody.

Exercise to your baby who starts toilet training, which is a critical period pants, You can support them in this process by taking toilet seat adapters and seats. The best thing you can do to reduce the sensitivity of male babies during the circumcision period is to take circumcision panties.

Protect Your Mini From Home Accidents With Simple Safety Precautions

The curiosity level of your toddler, who can go to any place on his own with the freedom of walking, increases to the maximum level.

Your baby running enthusiastically to things like cupboards, drawers, tables, is not able to protect himself by noticing the dangers. behaviors that jeopardize their safety It can be found.

In order to prevent unwanted household accidents caused by this situation; baby needs list, security door, window lock, multi-purpose lock, socket cover, door stopper, corner protector, refrigerator lock, drawer lock, oven lock, bed railing and toilet seat cover should include the safety products.

You can click on the link to access security products easily; //www.e- / search? text = g% C3%

The Most Fun Products in Baby Shopping List; Toys and Books

With your baby starting to talk, you can now communicate more effectively by creating bilateral dialogues. By supporting this process with quality and versatile developmental toys and books, you can make your mini learn faster and become a much happier individual.

For this over 1 year baby's need list Add puzzle, wooden or high quality plastic blocks, activity toys, battery-powered car, development book and fairy tale books.

Click on the link for easy access to toys and books; //www.e- / toy-book-c3729 /


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