Children who do not want to go to school

Children who do not want to go to school

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Children who do not want to go to school

Clinical Psychologist Emel Güler why children don't want to go to school For children who do not want to go to school, it is very important to first determine why they do not want to go to school. Why doesn't this kid want to go to school? Is there something he's afraid of at school? Is he having trouble adjusting to his friends at school? Are they experiencing cognitive learning problems? Is that why he's worried, or is there a more attractive environment that he doesn't want to leave at home?Attention! The answers to these questions need to be evaluated. Therefore, families must be clear about going to school must. The child needs to indicate this clarity.School is not an option, it is not a place to go when they want to go or when they want to, or a place where the child can decide whether or not to go.
Families should tell their children that school is a compulsory place!
Both parents unanimously It is important to have. Flexibility in the meantime inconsistency will affect the child's tendency to go to school negatively. Does not want to go to school because the child does not want to leave the mother does not want to go? Is she worried about the mother? So you have to look for a separation anxiety. Your child is ready for school. Click to read now.


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