9th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

9th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

9th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

Yeees! You have entered the last month, beloved mothers, we did not know whether to say mother ...

I enjoyed accompanying you and sharing my valuable knowledge on this beautiful journey. I hope you have a little bit of relief inside you and I have been able to remove the question marks that stuck in your mind.

You have come to the end of this journey with good and bad, remember that you are very valuable and special. This period, the feeling of confusion, crying crises, depressive states or your happiness, and maybe you will not miss again.

I hope you have appreciated and enjoyed the value of every month you spend pregnant 🙂

  You became a very sweet mother 🙂

Nutrition Advice During 9th Month Pregnancy

In the last months of the pregnancy, the baby can become very large and may put pressure on your stomach. swelling may return as. For this reason, we need to stay away from foods that contain as much sugar as possible, simple sugar-containing foods, frying in oil and white flour.

During this period, it is beneficial to consume foods with high nutritional value.

In the last months of pregnancyMouth may feel dryness. In this sense, water consumption comes to the forefront. You should also take care to drink 2-3 liters of water in the last months of pregnancy. Abundant water consumption also prevents the constipation problem seen during pregnancy. In addition, if you want to learn more about constipation complaints, you can review the 8th Month Pregnancy Nutrition.

8th Month Pregnancy Nutrition

If your cramping complaint started in the previous months, this problem may increase or start if the cramping complaint does not start.

The way to deal with this problem in terms of magnesium and potassium to choose foods that are high. Examples of these foods; legumes, black-eyed peas, lentils, whole wheat bread.

Probiotic support is very important for your immune system in the last months of pregnancy. Probiotic foods such as yogurt, kefir must be included in your daily diet.

Omega-3 support during pregnancy brain development is quite important for. In addition, the omega-3 supplement balances mood changes, prevents depression, strengthens the immune system and balances blood sugar.

Therefore, try to consume fish two to three times a week in the last months of your pregnancy. In your snacks 2 full walnuts omega-3 support would be a good alternative.

You should ensure that your diet is balanced. On the day designated by competent health authorities such as the National Cancer Institute 5 servings of vegetables and fruit Take care to achieve the target. If you consume three main, two or three snacks per day, you should add at least one portion of fruit and vegetables to your meals.

Postnatal (Postpartum Period) How should nutrition be?

After birth you will probably spend most of your energy caring for your baby. But keep in mind that your body is recovering after pregnancy. Your body has gone through some spectacular changes and now needs to be readjusted.

We gained healthy eating habits during pregnancy and became aware of this issue. It is of great importance that we carry this habit after birth.

Only breast milk for the first 6 months for your baby!

During the first six months after birth. physiological and psychosocial needs breastfeeding, which meets perfectly in itself, plays an important role in establishing the bond between mother and baby. Breastfeeding alone for the first six months of the baby, continued with breastfeeding with additional nutrients after the sixth month and sustaining breastfeeding until the end of two years, provides numerous benefits to the baby.

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The benefits of breastfeeding are not only limited to infancy but also positively affect adulthood. Therefore laying the foundations of healthy life the importance of breastfeeding is indisputable.

Breast-feeding, is the most appropriate feeding method for healthy growth and development of the baby. Mother with baby on health biological and psychological has an effect. Breastfeedingenergy and nutrients The need is more than during pregnancy. If the mother has a balanced diet during pregnancy, she has a fat store that can partially meet her needs, and in the first weeks following birth with the use of this fat store mother loses weight. The energy required for milk production during lactation is provided from two sources:

  1. Energy stored as body fat during pregnancy,
  2. Energy from food groups.

Lactating Mother to keep the balance of nutrients in their own body and to get the energy, protein, minerals and vitamins corresponding to the milk it secretes. adequate and balanced nutrition. If the mother is insufficient and unbalanced, she spends her body stores. This causes poor health and inadequate milk secretion.

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A mother who fully meets the baby's nutritional needs with milk 700-800 ml of milk Secretions.

The need for energy and nutrients corresponding to this milk should be increased during the lactation period compared to the normal requirement in addition to the month of breastfeeding.

Realized via Facebook and Youtube How to increase breast milk? You can watch our video.

Nutrition Advice During Breastfeeding

  • Care should be taken to obtain sufficient liquid for the production of adequate breast milk. At least a day Taking 8-12 glasses of liquid recommended and supplemented with herbal teas such as fennel, linden. But Green tea consumption during lactation It is not recommended because it will affect the baby's sleep quality. Because green tea has a high caffeine content.
  • High nutritional value in addition to water during lactation milk and juice drinks should be preferred. Since milk and fruit juice will also cover the consumption of other nutrients, it will also affect breast milk productivity. For example; milk consumption will provide calcium and vitamin C supplements. Let's make sure that the juice is sugar-free and not to be kept waiting.
  • Slimming diet during lactation, shock diets, low calorie diets should not be done. If the energy intake falls below 1800 calories per day, the nutrients required for the body are not adequately taken. This may weaken the mother and adversely affect milk production. A low-calorie diet, especially at the beginning of lactation reduces milk production and adversely affect the nutritional value of milk.
  • During lactation alcohol and smoking should not be used.

  • Onions, garlic, broccoli, zucchini, cauliflower, hot spices or dried legumes enjoying breast milk You can change. While this may cause restlessness in some babies (gas formation, refusal to suck), others may not notice at all. If your baby develops serious discomfort, such foods should be consumed less often or not at all.
  • Vitamin DThere is not enough amount in foods. However, it is provided by direct reflection of the sun's rays to the skin. Therefore, lactating mother and baby should benefit from the sun enough.
  • Must-have meals iodized salt It should be used.
  • Vegetables and fruits should be washed with plenty of water.
  • Food consumption should be avoided.
  • Iron absorption to prevent reduction tea consumption should be reducedshould be consumed 2 hours before or after meals if consumed.
  • Fresh fruit juices or milk group instead of instant juices, soda and soda drinks buttermilk, kefir healthy drinks should be preferred.
  • Since sugar is an empty source of energy, it makes blood substitutes for sugar. molasses It should be consumed.
  • The drug should not be used without medical advice.
  • First 10 days of breastfeeding raw milk, raw vegetables should not be consumed fruit. Milk should be consumed in the form of custard and fruit should be consumed in the form of compote or fruit custard. Raw milk, raw vegetables and fruits can make the baby gas.
  • Caffeinated drinks should not be consumed.
  • Salami, sausage, sausage other prepared nutrients such as additives should not be eaten as much as possible.
  • Fast food and foods with unknown contents should not be consumed.

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What should be eaten in the 9th month of pregnancy?

  • Strawberry, helps improve the circulatory system. It strengthens your immune system thanks to its vitamin C in its structure. 12 small size strawberries fruit is a serving. To suppress the need for sweets during pregnancy, 2 frames of dark chocolate melt on the straw.
  • FIG,contains vitamins and minerals that increase the functioning of the nervous system and muscles. Protects against diseases. Therefore, it is very important during pregnancy. 1 medium fig, 1 serving of fruit.
  • In the last month of pregnancy, it is important to take a balanced diet from each food group.
  • Pineapple, helps prevent the most common anemia during pregnancy. 1 thin slice of pineapple, 1 portion of fruit.

9. Month GeSample Menu Program for belik

When he wakes up:

  • 1 glass of water


  • 2 slices of low-fat feta cheese
  • 1 boiled egg or omelet with low-fat vegetables
  • Tomatoes, cucumbers, abundant greens
  • 2 whole walnuts or 6 olives
  • 2-3 slices of whole grain bread


  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 glass of water Milk
  • 4-5 pieces of grissini


  • 1 bowl of soup
  • 8 tablespoons vegetable dish
  • Salad with plenty of greens
  • 1 bowl of yogurt or low salted buttermilk
  • 1 slice whole grain bread

Afternoon 1:

  • Sandwich with feta cheese and plenty of dark green leafy vegetables
  • 1 cup buttermilk (slightly salted or unsalted)

Afternoon 2:

  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 5-6 nuts
  • 3 tablespoons oatmeal
  • 1 bowl of yogurt


  • 4-6 dumplings or 200-250 grams of fish (grilled or baked)
  • 1 bowl of yogurt / 1.5 cups of buttermilk / 1 bowl of tzatziki
  • Salad with plenty of greens
  • 2 thin slices of whole grain bread or 4-5 tablespoons bulgur pilaf


  • 1 serving of fruit
  • 1 bowl of yogurt
  • 1 handful of white chickpeas

Note: This list is general. The diet is personal, can be reduced or increased according to personal differences. You should also consult a nutritionist to create your own plan.


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