5 Star 5 Star Family for Families with Children

5 Star 5 Star Family for Families with Children

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It is difficult to choose a holiday destination. This choice is even more difficult if you are a family with children. Sea, pool, beach… For your child, you should think about everything and make the right choice. In this period we live in holidays, we have selected 5 places where we can give 5 stars out of 5 for families with children. Have a good holiday to everyone!

Children's holiday at LykiaWorld “Children's Paradise Çocuklar

Children, the holiday of their dreams LykiaWorld Oludeniz lives! You can swim in the private pools, play in the game pools, skate on the water slides, go on adventure on Treasure Island and participate in many other fun activities.

LykiaWorld, located on the Fethiye Oludeniz coast, offers children a fun, educational and relaxing holiday in the “Children's Paradise ğu which it has established on an area of ​​22.000 m².

All kinds of adventures and fun in this Paradise!

  • 8 outdoor pools, 3 heated for children, 2 heated outdoor pools in Mini Club and 1 play pool
  • 20 water slides for everyone from big to small
  • Kamikaze slides where you can spend joyful time with your parents
  • Special playgrounds for adventure lovers such as Treasure Island, Pirate Forest and Hidden Caves
  • Sandbox for babies
  • Special care for babies aged 6 months to 2 years
  • Children's theater
  • Children's restaurant with special tables and chairs
  • Private clubs, hobbies and art workshops dedicated to various age groups
  • Pony Tours among the greens
  • 24-hour baby kitchen: Baby Kitchen

Baby Club: Founded for children aged 6 months to 3 years, this club has a 24-hour kitchen, baby phone, stroller, baby bed and baby-sitting service for a bottle fee and food preparation.

Mini Club: Children between 3 - 13 years are divided into 3 different groups and participate in activities.

  • Snoopies: 3 - 6 years old
  • Jokers: 6 - 9 years old
  • Kids: 9 - 12 years old

LykiaWorld Children's Festival!

LykiaWorld, which knows no limits for entertainment, organizes “Children's Festival her in the first week of July every year. In this festival, where children from different countries also participate, you have fun and meet children from different cultures. Artists, athletes and many surprises at the festival where your parents have a lot of fun.

Holiday at Mini Myra is Another Pleasure

In Mini Myra children will be entertained with their activities from computer cultures to handcrafted activities, outdoors sports activities, competitions, red-skinned and pajamas party, accompanied by educated expert staff with peers from different cultures !!

Mini Myra opened its doors to young ladies and gentlemen aged 4-12 years. Martı Myra, one of the most popular holiday destinations in Tekirova, is one of the favorites not only of adults but also of children. At Mini Myra, a children's activity-entertainment complex that teaches while entertaining, children gain the ability to have fun on their own during the holidays and make the game environment of their dreams come true.

For 10 years, Mini Myra has created five-language activity programs with a team of 14 people. The activity programs have been developed with the teachers on duty in the 500 square meter indoor and outdoor playgrounds. Thus, in 2007, Mini Myra subscribers will be transformed into a holiday feast with everything from computer training to handcrafted activities, from outdoor sports activities to competitions, to party with red skin costumes and pajamas.

Under the supervision of an educated and expert staff, this complex is a center where families can deliver their children safely, everything is considered for children and only children meet. Here children will have fun and socialize and will have the opportunity to meet their peers in different cultures, away from bad habits. Moreover, Mini Myra has a positive impact on the personality development of children and helps them to be unique, creative, confident and uncover their unexplored abilities.

Mini Myra is waiting for all children who want to have fun!

Children will have their holidays at Kempi Kids

Offering guests a holiday full of pleasure and comfort Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrumalso presents a brand new concept to its guests with its special holiday program for children. Kempi Kids Club offers a separate and special holiday for children coming with their families. Kempi Kids Club introduces different and exciting holiday experiences for children between the ages of 4-12 with changing activity programs every week.

What's in Kempi Kids?

Kempi Kids aims to contribute to the physical and mental development of children while enhancing their holiday entertainment with its furniture designed for children, large cushions, various toys and creative and instructive play equipment. Children watching computer games or children's movies in the Children's Entertainment Club next to the club, have a completely special program with other activities during the holiday. Children are both entertaining and learning with creative games by participating in t-shirt, wood, frame and box painting workshops to improve their crafts. They also have the opportunity to visit the cute donkey Josephine and spend a day in nature with their trips to Çiftlik Garden.

Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum also offers children the pleasure of doing sports.

The Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay offers a wide range of sports not only for adults but also for children. Children can play mini football, basketball and volleyball on the two playgrounds next to the hotel. In addition, the experienced water sports team of the hotel shows their children how to do different types of water sports such as parachuting and canoeing and answers their curious questions.

Mother's Resort: Iberotel Sarigerme Park

Built in the style of traditional Turkish architecture, the Iberotel consists of a main building and villas. There are facilities to meet all the needs of children, including children's rooms, childminders, a play corner and a children's menu. This aspect is also ideal for families with children.

Babies, babies, babies, babies, babies, babies, babies and babies. As a matter of fact, the article in the newspaper even contained details such as twin strollers in the hotel, high chairs in all restaurants, and even restaurant staff giving aprons.

There's more to 'All Inclusive'

Iberotel offers an all-inclusive service for its customers to enjoy a comfortable and stress-free holiday. Buffet meals, sports activities, delicious cocktails, local drinks and children's services are included in this service. Children can eat in restaurants. But it is also possible to find equipment such as a bottle warmer for children who require a smaller or special diet. You can prepare your food comfortably.

The 373-room facility has a large and a children's pool. There is also a sandbox with materials such as buckets and shovels. And awning. There are wires on the windows of the rooms to prevent mosquitoes. In addition, there are mosquito hive candles around, so you don't have to deal with flies while you eat.

Iberotel Sarigerme Park has been awarded the gold medal every year since 1997 at the 'Environmental Championship' organized by TUI, the largest tour operator in Europe, among 22,000 hotels worldwide.


For Children's Fun and Comfort: Club Voyage Sorgun

Club Voyage-Sorgun: The hotel offers a variety of activities such as cinema time, games, ice cream time, special animations, special birthday parties between 10: 00-12: 30 and 14: 30-17: 00 in the children's village which is fully prepared for children's comfort and entertainment. organizing. There is also a children's playground, 2 children's pools, a sleeping room, games rooms, a private children's buffet for lunch and dinner, a mini disco, a children's village (for the age group 04-12) managed by a professional and animation team. In addition, there are aquapark, go-kart, bowling sections. The amusement park of the hotel is quite interesting. The 13-16 age group has not forgotten iste The Teenager Club, where activities and entertainment can be held together with its own age groups, is active. There are also family rooms with intermediate doors. Paid babysitter is available. The accommodation price per person per night in May is 130 YTL and in June 150 YTL.

One of the most important features of all the facilities in the Club Voyage Hotels chain (except Club Voyage Charm) is the presence of children's villages with special activities and areas.


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