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Is your child addicted to television?

Is your child addicted to television?

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We can never deny the functions of television that support education and enable us to be aware of the world we live in. The contradiction here is the situation that occurs in uncontrolled use.

There is no problem that the child is in the environment when the television is on during infancy. Even in the process of speaking, it would be helpful to encounter plenty of sounds. But this should not be perceived as the child should be placed in front of the television and left alone.

Children who are directed to watch television in order to have a comfortable meal, to have a quiet sitting, to keep them entertained develop the habit of watching television at later ages. Even though his family spends a lot of time in front of the television, the child takes his family as a model and habits are formed again. This in turn causes children to lose their ability to comment. Because television is a one-way, passive activity.Effects of television on child development:• The more children witness violence, the more they monitor violence, the more normal it becomes to them over time. They become insensitive to violence • Young children become imitators because they are in the learning stage. They try to implement the scenes of violence that they see on television. And in time, it acts on their behavior, their characters. We cannot ignore the effects of imitation on the learning stage. Television is harmless as long as you set up which programs your child will watch: • Research has shown that children cannot afford to make jigsaws and readings that require much attention after watching television for a long time. In other words, children's minds cannot 'actively learn. • • Children think what they see on TV are real and want to replace them. • Some of the subliminal stimuli used in advertising affect children's attitudes and behaviors • Watching television is a passive job that causes obesity in children • Today, children are faced with many sexual messages. Most of these messages come from television.ATTENTION: Television is a combination of audio and video affect children much easier and quicker. Of course there is. Educational programs that go through a certain censorship, some images about nature and environment that your child cannot encounter in daily life, all family members spend time together, Quality discussion programs provide detailed information on a topic, news and history programs, other peoples of children and to get to know their culture better.Television is the reconstruction of realityAykut Akova, Psychological Counselor and Pedagogue Ay Tell your children that TV is nothing more than 'reconstruction of the truth': directors, actors and actresses, cameramen, producers, etc., who watch them on TV (even documentaries and news). is a fact configured by. They may reflect their own viewpoints, prejudices and commercial concerns. Explain that everything that is not shown on TV (people, cultures, lifestyles) is equally important. ”What can be done?• Do not use television as a means of distraction • Do not feed your child in front of the television • Set the programs that your child will watch • Make television watching hours • Watch the television by talking to your child and discussing • Switch off the TV when you watch the program. Take time to read and play games • Do not keep the television on all day • Do not have a television in your child's bedroom • Support your child's hobbies and reunion • Do not use the television as a reward or punishment.

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