Easy ways to make children love milk!

Easy ways to make children love milk!

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The history of milk, which has an old history as well as the history of humanity, is just as important in child nutrition. Milk is a food that is generally loved by children, and sometimes it can be a non-consumable beverage. Isyen If the importance of milk is understood by children, it can easily be consumed, D says Dietician Pınar Akkuzu.
Dietitian Pınar Akkuzu tells what you need to know about milk before you tell it:

A IMPORTANT CALCIUM AND PHOSPHORUS DEPOSIT. As you know, calcium and phosphorus are very important minerals especially for the bone development of your children. Considering that the contents of the bones begin to decrease after a certain age, it must be consumed in sufficient amounts at an early age. You can tell your child through pictures. My advice is to sit alone with your child and pick up a pen and paper in your hand and begin to explain that the skeletal structure of a human being must be healthy. You can start by drawing healthy bones simply by drawing a skeletal system. You can describe this drawing as the skeleton of a child who regularly consumes milk. On another sheet of paper, draw a skeleton roof adorned with thin, unhealthy bones. Let this belong to a child who does not drink his milk regularly. I am sure that you will explain that a child with unhealthy bones cannot grow in this state and cannot grow in length so that your child will have an effect. You can explain the same thing by drawing the tooth structure. A small reminder can be made by mentioning that it is difficult to cure quickly-broken bones and is a waste of time for growth. Remember, the skeletal system is a roof where we receive support to protect my organs. Like the fact that our hearts are hidden in our ribs.

PROTEIN SOURCE. Again for growth and development, protein is essential to ensure the continuity of our immune system, which protects us against diseases.

• Thanks to the carbohydrate and fat content, it is also important for children to keep full. It can be described as one of the healthiest drinks that give energy.

• It is also known that, when consumed regularly, it helps the digestive system to function regularly and reduces the risk of cancer occurring in the digestive system (especially the intestines).

IMPORTANT FOR RECEIVING VITAMIN B2 AND A. Milk, which contains vitamin B2 which is necessary for intelligence development, skin and eye health, becomes a necessary drink for eye health thanks to its feature of containing vitamin A.

Of course, these features are only a few beautiful pillars. But the most important features that you will tell your child and understand. Of course, the other way to make milk love, to offer different types of milk to children. A few different milk recipes can be listed as follows.


Mix some strawberries and bananas with milk in the blender. Sugar in the banana will help sweeten the milk. You can try the same mixes with strawberries and bananas only.


Mix a few tablets of chocolate into the milk and mix until the chocolate melts. Then add banana to this blender. If you are still unsuccessful, remember that milk is also sweet. Here's a healthy suggestion.


As soon as the rice and rice flour starts to become thicker while you are mixing on the stove, add small pieces of dried figs that are softened by dipping into hot milk a few hours in advance. So you don't need to use sugar and you get a healthy mixture of dried figs.

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