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Is the house game useful for children?

Is the house game useful for children?

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It is an indispensable game of our childhood and it is played in every stage of childhood. Have you ever wondered why playing this game is so beautiful?

Experts explain the answer to this question for psychological reasons, and they say that children play the adult roles they see in their environment and act as they do. They also use their dreams as they wish. Sometimes parents, sometimes children, neighbors and so on. Thus, they learn to put themselves in the place of someone else (sense of empathy), take responsibility, tell their feelings to others, relax by explaining the troubles in the family.

Children play together with their friends as they play the game alone. Together, they learn to work together, trust, communicate and find solutions to social events.

What can you do?

● Children need all kinds of materials while playing house, the more realistic they are, the more they enjoy it. Provide your children with a wide variety of materials to play with, and they will appreciate the fact that they have old items.

● Join your child's game, they will love playing with you.

● Read to your children and dramatize the story you read later with your child.

● Together with him, make toys for household use, such as coins from paperboard örneğin.

● When your child is taking a bath, use the bath as a playground, so that you have a good time with your child and have a bath.

● Children often prefer large spaces when playing house. Try to have a large space for them in their rooms or in any part of the house.

● Children prefer to sit on the floor during play, so make sure they take up space.

● Provide boxes with toys for him to put the items used in the game, which can be from shoe boxes (your child can carry them easily and use them for other purposes during play).

● You should take into account whether each material is suitable for your child's health.

● When you go out together, you can create games with your child. For example, you shop in the supermarket, not as a mother-daughter, but as two neighbors.

● If you have animals or plants that you breed at home, you can give the children responsibility during the game so that you support the game and give the children various responsibilities.

Parents sometimes have concerns about these games, which often arise from the roles children choose for themselves in the game (for example, when a girl is always a soldier or a boy is a cook). Child psychologists say that the most frequently asked questions are related to the game of the house, and they add that these concerns are often unwarranted. If your child wants to be a constant cook, don't stop him, one day he will be the best cook in the world, who knows ???

The game is one of the most important games that support the mental and social development of children. As a parent, try to provide every opportunity and support for your child playing this game!

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