Misunderstood Facts in Pregnancy

Misunderstood Facts in Pregnancy

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Pregnancy a woman One of the most special times of his life. There is a lot of misunderstanding about this time zone. So, which are correct? The most curious questionsBahçeci Clinic Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. View Alper's Full Profilena.

Although surprising for most people pregnancy beginning is not accepted on the day of the pregnancy, but on the first day of the last menstrual period (SAT) approximately 14 days before the pregnancy. In this case, your pregnancy starts on the day your bleeding starts. When calculated in this way, pregnancy in humans lasts 280 days, ie 40 weeks. Since making a month account may cause confusion, you should learn to express it as a week while you follow your pregnancy and leave the month account. Ovulation time for women who have menstrual once every 28 days is around 14 days from the beginning of bleeding. These days are the most appropriate period to give up harmful habits. For example, smoking should be stopped and alcohol and drug intake should be restricted. Appropriate and healthy eating habits should be obtained.

These habits are also important for a comfortable pregnancy process. It is beneficial to consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, to avoid artificial foods and drink as much water as possible. If not started, folic acid intake can be started. Folic acid can prevent approximately 50% of neural tube disorders. Exercise, if possible, is also quite beneficial. In this pre-pregnancy period, thinking positively and resting as much as possible to avoid stress will be a very good start for your baby you are trying to give birth to.

 Embryo uterus The pregnancy test in the blood can give a positive result 4-5 days after adhering to the wall, but the most important thing to know is that it is directly linked to your day of ovulation. This means that if your day of ovulation shifts forward, this test will also work out later. There are test kits made from urine that are sold in pharmacies and put into practice at home. Despite their easy application, these tests are not very reliable and give 20-25% false negative and 5% false positive results.

Nowadays, computers are at every point in our lives and women who are prepared for many pregnancies or who are pregnant computer Uses. Psychological and physiological stress due to computer work can be reduced by appropriately adjusted working hours and breaks. The design of the work environment and desk is also effective in reducing stress. Comfortable seats and tables, supportive pillows from the waist are helpful. Working without a break for a long time causes tension in the muscles, inflammation of the tendons and ligaments, and impaired circulation. All this creates unrest in the pregnant woman. It is essential to take a break at appropriate times. For this, a break of 15 minutes every 2 hours is sufficient. It is good for most pregnant women to stand up and walk around and stretch. To this end, the head and neck movements support the circulation by turning the shoulders and feet. As a result, in the light of all these scientific data, we can say that women who are obliged to use computers by their professions can work safely in front of the monitor during pregnancy and provided that they take the above precautions and it is unnecessary for them to worry about it.

Many with a false belief pregnant they do not go under ultrasound (vaginal) and think that their baby will fall. All of us as a physician vaginal ultrasound Because of the fall of the baby so we encounter patients who change their doctor. Vaginal probe is a very useful ultrasound method for imaging the cervix and monitoring of early pregnancy and when done carefully, it does not cause any harmful effects With the advancement of technology, diagnostic methods and instruments used during pregnancy are increasing. One of these is undoubtedly the ultrasound devices that everyone is familiar with. Ultrasonography has been an indispensable follow-up method from the first month of pregnancy to the end point of pregnancy. With the images obtained, it is used in all areas, from major anomalies in the womb to the simplest gender determination in infants. Nowadays, Doppler Ultrasonography, which is known as color ultrasound, is able to obtain extensive information about blood flow and health status of the baby. 3-dimensional devices that allow your baby to enter photo albums while they are in the womb have also started to be used. Do these followings have a negative impact on the baby? How many times do we need an ultrasound? Studies have not shown negative effects of ultrasound follow-up on the baby. This was the same with frequent follow-up. Ultrasound devices use a sound wave at a frequency that is normal but cannot be heard by the human ear. Therefore baby There is no damage on the. In any case that your doctor recommends and considers appropriate, it is OK for you to enter the final.

You have learned that you are pregnant, and what should be our sexual life from now on? Many couples are left alone with this question. Sexuality talk and debate on the subject is still taboo. Some women refrain from discussing this issue with their doctor, and sometimes doctors avoid discussing it clearly with their patient. From this lack of communication, couples are asked to stay away from sex during pregnancy, or behave according to beliefs among the public. Although thoughts are focused on the baby to be born in this period, it becomes a period in which the couple matures their relations with each other. Pregnant women, despite the increase in sexual desire, will facilitate the opening of the cervix and lead to premature labor, blood vessels will open and bleed, the male sexual organ will damage the baby's head as well as false, disturbing thoughts and beliefs stay away from sexuality. Although the orgasm (ejaculation) causes oxytocin (uterine muscle constrictor) secretion and leads to uterine contractions, they do not initiate birth and do not cause premature labor. Sexual intercourse does not harm the babyThe male genitalia has no physical contact with the baby. The uterus muscles of the womb, the pregnancy sac and the sac in the liquid is protected against impacts. The plug formed by the darkening of the secretions in the cervical canal (cervical canal) forms a barrier that prevents the entry of bacteria and semen (sperm) into the uterus. Sexual intercourse is not forbidden during pregnancy or even until the last day, unless there are medical problems to prevent sexuality. Since pregnant women lack the information equipment to evaluate the conditions in which sexual intercourse can be harmful, women can get the most healthy information from obstetricians. The first months of pregnancy is the period with the highest risk of miscarriage. If you have bleeding, consult your doctor immediately and do not have sexual intercourse during this period. In cases where the gestational sac is opened early, the water comes early, vaginal bleeding, the history of preterm birth in previous pregnancies and the threat of preterm birth in the current pregnancy, the partner being the carrier of sexually transmitted diseases, the placenta previa In the last months of pregnancy, it is recommended that your gynecologist should continue sexual life except in cases where sexuality is prohibited.

Pregnant women in the first trimester tired and they should rest frequently and go to bed early. Usually, this fatigue diminishes over the following weeks, but pregnant women should have less strenuous work and have additional rest periods than other people. Daily activities are generally unrestricted and life continues as it is. A healthy pregnant woman can work until birth and do her daily activities. Excessive weight lifting, strenuous exercises, standing for a long time and physical hazards should not be done.
It is thought that too much movement of the pregnant women or doing sports in other words will harm the baby. However, mothers who adopt sports as a lifestyle do not want to stay away from sports. Doctors recommend pregnant women to walk abundantly. Swimming is also a very appropriate physical activity. You can swim in the water without exhausting yourself and at a slow pace. Pregnant women are usually recommended to swim. Because your stomach is stretched while swimming on your back, your arms and legs work. Many women continue jogging while pregnant. However, running a risky pregnancy is not a good idea if you are having a pregnancy. Riding a bicycle is a bit dangerous as it can lead to minor accidents during pregnancy. Tennis and golf are safe during pregnancy but do not provide much exercise. Horseback riding is not always safe as there is always a danger of falling.

Long journeys during pregnancy It is not recommended. Trip If it is to be done, it must be stopped every 2 hours and allowed to circulate for 10 minutes to accelerate the blood circulation. Seat belts must be worn during automobile journeys, but must be placed in the lower abdomen during advanced gestational weeks. It is also recommended to place a pillow under the waist for a more comfortable journey.

Is it OK to dye hair during pregnancy? Can he wear makeup?

There are many chemicals that are unknown how they will work during pregnancy. Some of them are hair dyes, makeup materials, food dyes and additives. Pregnant doctors often argue that such products should be avoided if they do not know how to work. We can be confronted with such substances in every aspect of our lives. Natural herbal essence hair dyes are used but the first three months are still not recommended. Female body during pregnancy requires more care than other times. During this period, your interest in your body allows you to have a healthy pregnancy and return your body easily after birth. Therefore, care should be given to your body cleansing and care during pregnancy.

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