What awaits you in the last period of pregnancy?

What awaits you in the last period of pregnancy?

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When you first heard about your baby Nasıl How am I going to wait so long to get my baby? ” you can not take yourself thinking.

Even if you experience some symptoms, pregnancy will be exciting and beautiful. If you have had symptoms that adversely affect your daily life, such as nausea and vomiting in the first trimester, you may have a difficult time.

However, in most pregnant women, the second trimester of this type of symptoms ceases and the most pleasant periods of pregnancy begin. As time goes by, you're nearing the end of pregnancy.

So, do you wonder what awaits you in the last period of pregnancy? Then in the last period of pregnancy, especially last month of pregnancy Let's look at what the expectant mother is all together!

Things to do in the last months of pregnancy

Although you have experienced some disturbing physical and mental changes from time to time, you have always experienced the sweet excitement of waiting for your baby.

Now time is running out and this excitement is increasing. Of course, while you are counting the main day you will have your baby, it is beneficial to start some preparations.

Let's see what you need to do in the last months of pregnancy both for your comfort and for your baby:

  • Prepare Your Baby's Room!

One of the most beautiful activities to relieve you of stress as you approach the birth is to prepare your baby's room. We're sure you've set something up in your head when your baby is still a lentil. It's time to turn your ideas into reality!

After the baby is born, you may not have time to deal with details such as providing missing materials or decorating. Therefore, you should complete everything about your mini's room.

Painting the walls, buying furniture, making the room cute and stylish with decorative products is not a job for you, but will be fun. After completing all this, do not forget to iron and place your baby's textile products such as bed linen and clothes.

Click on the link below for easy access to baby room products.

//www.e- / baby-room-c3771 /

  • Make a List of Materials You May Need and Supply Them!

Feeding bottle, pacifier, breast pump, breast pad, puerpera bra, towel, bathroom set and baby carriage are all you need to buy!

Obtain and postpone the list of products you may need during and after delivery, and then prepare your hospital bag. You do not want to leave the last moment and your hand to get entangled. Moreover, you may come across a surprise that your miniature comes early.

We have thought about you and prepared a prenatal need list for you. Click on the link below to get to the list immediately.

// www. / Birth-oncesi-need-list /

  • Do not forget to exercise!

You may be overgrown, gaining weight and feeling restrained. However, exercise is very important during this period, even if it is a half hour walk.

Even if you can't do anything, breathing exercises will give you some relief. These exercises will prepare you for birth as well as mentally relaxing.

  • Take Birth Preparation Courses!

Your first pregnancy may feel more tense and stressful when the last months come. You may be unaware of what will happen to you or misinformed.

You can take part in maternity courses to comfort yourself and meet people who have the same feelings as you, and to get the right information about birth and baby.

  • Clean your house from top to bottom!

After giving birth you will not have much time to do a thorough cleaning. In addition, if you do the heavy work such as whitewashing, carpet and sofa washing, curtain washing before your little kitten arrives, you will provide a clean environment for your baby and you will not get stressed when you need to entertain guests.

  • Set Up Someone to Help You!

If you have the opportunity, especially during the postpartum period to help you to arrange someone to help you. This person can be a helper like a relative or nurse, carer like grandmother, grandmother, sister or aunt.

We recommend that you do not reject any offers of assistance in a period when you need help, both psychologically and physically.

  • Pediatrician Search!

If you do not understand the importance of choosing a doctor during your pregnancy, you will understand better when your baby is born. Therefore, it is useful to embark on an easily accessible and experienced pediatrician research that you can already trust.

  • Sleep as long as you can!

It may sound cliché for you to hear the sleep issue from many people around you. However, we are not just saying this because you will be very sleepless after birth.

A good quality sleep is important for both you and your baby's health!

What are the Last Month Complaints in Pregnancy?

As we get closer to the end of pregnancy, some disorders start to increase with excitement. Last month complaints during pregnancy;

  • Insomnia
  • Back and back pain
  • Cramp
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Frequent urination
  • Heartburn
  • Feeling of pressure
  • Equilibrium problem
  • The baby can be materialized as hard kicks.

These complaints may not be the same in all pregnant women; however, they are often known to occur. Then let's examine the most common sleep and heartburn complaints more closely.

Click on the link below to review our article on what is good for heartburn during pregnancy.

// www. / Pregnancy-what-good-to-stomach-side income /

Sleep in the Last Month of Pregnancy

In the last month of pregnancy, we talked about how important sleep is for both you and your baby. However, 9 out of 10 pregnant women last month of pregnancy sleep alone with the problem. Okay but why?

  • First of all, in the last months of pregnancy, your abdomen grows too much. This makes it difficult to get a comfortable sleeping position.

You may prefer to lie on your back or face down. However, it is not possible to lie on your face, and in the supine position, your abdomen may exert a negative effect by exerting pressure on the blood vessels leading to the baby.

Therefore, the most correct sleeping position when pregnant is the side-lying position. In particular, lying on the left side, blood and nutrients more easily transmitted to the baby, the mother's heart and womb increased blood flow It is recommended to pregnant women.

  • You may have gained too much weight in the last months of pregnancy.

Your excess weight may cause you to have difficulty breathing. Sleep apnea and snoring may cause discomfort that may impair your sleep quality.

Pregnant women with snoring problems preeclampsia and hypertension It is useful to report this to the doctor because of the meaningful relationship between

You can also benefit from sleeping bands in consultation with your doctor.

  • Problems such as back pain, itchiness in the abdomen, excessive movement of the baby, heartburn and bad dreams are common problems especially during the last month of pregnancy.

These reasons may also be effective in pregnant women having sleep problems.

Causes Heartburn in the Last Days of Pregnancy?

Which can be experienced since the first stages of pregnancy heartburn, pregnancy hormones secreted during pregnancy slows down the digestion and progesterone hormone causes the relaxation of the valve between the stomach and the esophagus.

Heartburn in the last days of pregnancy The most important reason for the growth of the uterus and stomach, including the internal organs are compressed.

In order to prevent this problem during pregnancy;

  • Avoid spicy, fried and greasy dishes,
  • It should be fed at less frequent intervals,
  • You should consume your meals slowly,
  • Avoid acidic and carbonated drinks,
  • Do not lie down immediately after meals,
  • You should use a high pillow while sleeping.

What are the Symptoms of the Last Days of Pregnancy?

It can be difficult for you to determine whether your birth is approaching, especially if it is your first pregnancy. We also provide you with Symptoms of the last days of pregnancy We wanted to give you a few tips about 🙂

  • The baby descends towards the pelvis and thus breathes more comfortably,
  • Arrival due to thinning of the cervix (not in every pregnancy),
  • Low back and abdominal pain (similar to premenstrual period),
  • Feeling energetic and excited,
  • Painful contractions with increasing severity
  • Water is coming.

Although there are situations that bothers you last month of pregnancy is a very exciting process. By imagining the moment you will have your baby, you can relieve all the stresses of pregnancy and birth.

With birth so close, we can't read our articles about birth!

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