Babies have psychology

Babies have psychology

Although each stage of development has its own characteristics, a very rapid change in the period of 0-2 years is observed. It is the fastest, stormy period of development in human life. The early development period covers the period between 0-2 years. Medicana Internastional Istanbul Hospital Specialist Psychologist and Pedagogue Reyhan Ates Yucel gave important information about the psychological development of children during the age of 0-2. It brings along some basic physiological requirements that are expected to provide satisfaction as children are born. These; nutritional requirements, sleep requirements, heat and body cleansing, love and feeling needs. Meeting these requirements in the first two years is extremely important for the child to feel safe and peaceful. Babies spend 16 hours in sleep, but are trying to maintain their relations with the outside world through their reflex activities. It is very important for the baby to see that their needs are met after crying and crying because of pain, hunger, chills and restlessness between 0-1 months. The mother should be sensitive to the crying voice and severity. Crying sounds are one of the first ways children communicate with the outside world. Seeing that their needs are met, the child develops a sense of trust in both the mother and her environment, and this sense of trust forms the basis of her desire to learn. The basic sense of trust develops the child's desire to explore - curiosity. The child learns to trust or not to trust.

Make Eye Contact with Your Child

Respect for personality and the basis of face-to-face communication skills are laid in this period. The mother should accept the child and show love to her child by eye contact and touch.7. Separation anxiety may occur in the 9th and 9th months. Again, fear of foreigners may be observed in this period. The baby, who is 1 year old, exhibits features such as understanding simple questions, having unlimited curiosity, and again the first meaningful words appear in this period. When you reach the age of 2, you can expect 2-word sentences in the conversation. When the child reaches 2 years of age, he / she may start to take steps towards becoming more independent. Development is quite rapid in the second year of my age. This makes him independent in many ways. With motor skills, the acquisition of language skills has a great impact. The 2-year-old can do simple activities with adults.

You should be an example for well-grown generations first

If we want to teach babies and children something, to gain positive behaviors and to eliminate the negative ones, the first thing to do should be to set an example for it. The simplest method of teaching is to exhibit that behavior. Children tend to learn more about what we do than we say. In the development of a healthy child, families should not compare their children with other expectants. The pace of development of each child may be different from each other. The important thing is to help him find his own dynamics. When any developmental retardation is suspected, assistance should be avoided from an expert.

2,5 Age Syndrome (Serke┼člik Period)

Children who are 2 years old learn that they can be independent instead of a dependent baby. Normally, the delay in language development in children that we expect to speak at this age may cause irritations. Parents may be able to overcome this delay in a short period of time when they support their children and offer a stimulating environment for them.2,5 years of age are considered one of the greatest crisis periods of development. The child is unstable, negative, indecisive and rebellious during this period. He travels between two poles, both unwilling to demand authority and needing his approval. From excessive activity to sudden laziness, when facing outward, it can suddenly switch to inward closure. Again, if speaking skills are not yet fully developed, aggression is observed even more. What the child really wants is to be able to act independently. This also goes from expressing independence wishes. This is the reason why anger is more in children with limited language skills.

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