Hands during pregnancy

Hands during pregnancy

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

During pregnancy, numbness and burning sensation can be seen on the hands. In advanced situations, a feeling of weakness may also be experienced. These feelings are more common in the last 4 months of pregnancy than before. This feeling is caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Although people who work at the computer for very long hours have these feelings, become more common during pregnancy.

What are the symptoms of this syndrome?

In carpal tunnel syndrome, numbness, burning and pain are felt in fingers, hands and wrists. These feelings are mostly felt at night and badly. These feelings are sometimes seen in the front and upper part of the arm. In chronic situations, hand weakness occurs. These feelings can be experienced in both hands. After pregnancy, it disappears spontaneously over a period of time.

How to Tell Handshake in Pregnancy?

The clearest diagnosis, a good neurological examination. After the examination, the mother can be separated from the neck hernia

MRI is requested from the candidate. Then EMG (nerve conduction test) tests are performed. Blood tests are also available.

makes. After the diagnosis is confirmed plan of treatment to be applied.

Why does this syndrome occur?

During pregnancy, fluid retention and bloating increase in the body. This swelling is located on the wrists, hands and fingers.

it causes pressure on nerves. For this reason, feelings such as burning, numbness, pain occur.

What can be done to alleviate pain?

Pain areas should be rested as much as possible. Relaxing and stretching exercises will strengthen the hands and arms. In order to rest the hands and arms without prolonged use, frequent breaks are required.

You should stop lying on your hand and arm. If you feel pain or lethargy when you wake up from sleep, it is a good idea to shake your hands until it goes away.

Yoga will also help to strengthen your hands and minimize symptoms.

What are the risk factors?

  • Moving the wrists frequently
  • Excessive pressure on the wrists
  • Less thyroid function, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis-like diseases
  • The wrists are not standing in the appropriate position at the computer
  • Hands and arms are often required to use jobs.

What causes the syndrome?

  • Repetitive movements on the wrist,
  • Wrist pressure,
  • Long term use of vibrating hand tools,
  • Wrong position in computer use,
  • Further stages of pregnancy,
  • Systemic diseases such as sugar, rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid gland

What is the treatment?

If your pain and drowsiness have started to affect your daily life negatively because it is severe, if you interrupt your sleep at night, it will be useful to see your doctor immediately.

Do not use any form of medication without consulting your doctor.

If pain and drowsiness have not decreased after birth, you should also inform your doctor. Your doctor will advise you orthopedic surgeon.

If carpal tunnel syndrome is triggered by a number of diseases, the treatment of these diseases is primarily

It planned. If there is inflammation, an anti-inflammatory drug is given, and pain relief is given. Doctor at wrists

with orientation steroid injection can be applied.

It is recommended to avoid movements that trigger symptoms. If the treatment is not successful, surgical method is applied.

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