Development of intelligence in infants during pregnancy

Development of intelligence in infants during pregnancy

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Your babyhow to feed for intelligence development?

During pregnancyhealthy eating is very important for both mother and baby. Towards the expectant motherfeeding and consuming some special nutrients.positive development. Along with healthy eating baby's intelligencelevel is required to be high.

Intelligence development of infants starts in the womb. Therefore, especially between 1 and 3 monthsnutrition is very important in the period. Both physiological and intelligence development of the babynutritional resources needed for; iron, folic acid, iodine, zinc, vitamin B,Vitamins and minerals such as omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.

Under normal conditions during pregnancy
the total weight to be taken is about 12 to 15 kg. In the first months
Because nausea and vomiting are common, weight can be lost. By the 16th week this
Symptoms disappear, and expectant mothers will suffer this difficult three months
to attack food they can not eat. So you also lose weight fast
The purchase process begins. Unlike most supposed weight gain period, last months
not between 16 and 24 weeks. Ideal weight gain
It is as follows; the first 12 weeks before pregnancy to stay constant weight, in the following months
1.5 to gain weight on the average.

Meals during pregnancy 3
the main should be 3 snacks and should not be skipped. If your breakfast is late in the morning
all other meals will hang. So dinner is late
will have to beat during the hours. Late evening meals
causes digestive problems and excessive weight gain. Evening after 18:00
it is not recommended to consume the main meal, while it is a drawback
They do not.

If you like to drink tea, too
you can consume up to two cups of tea for breakfast. Tea instead
next to a glass of milk, cheese, an egg, a teaspoon of honey or jam,
Whole or whole wheat bread with 2-3 languages, plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, fresh
Green pepper should also be consumed in a mint or parsley. Fresh fruit
juices because they are too calorie and raise blood sugar too fast
It is not recommended. To consume fruit juice instead of drinking
It will be very useful in preventing constipation because it will increase their movements. Fruit,
2 hours after meals should be consumed as a snack.

Definitely for lunch
vegetables should be consumed, pasta or rice should never be consumed along with bread.
The meat or fish you should consume should never be fried in oil. Most per week
fish should be consumed at least once, if you can not eat instead of nuts containing omega 3,
peanuts, walnut nuts should be consumed a handful of intermediate meals. These nutrients
It provides great benefits to the development of intelligence of the baby during pregnancy. The fish
it is not recommended to use your preference since canned tuna. Because canned
tuna is deep sea fish, and because the content of mercury is high
period will not be useful.

Consumed during pregnancy
be careful about solid and liquid foods. Contains gas
foods that do not exist or are at a minimum level
you should choose to consume. The desserts you prefer will be less sugary and milky.
and at least 1 hour after meals.

During your pregnancy
The most beneficial action will be to drink plenty of water. 10 glasses per day
The water you drink will reduce the risks of urinary tract infection. Weight gain
accordingly will decrease. Away from acidic beverages with dyes
It should be considered. Additive mineral waters and linden, mint, rosehip, chamomile,
It is OK to drink a certain amount of tea such as mint-lemon.

Finally, for the mothers to be hygienic,
as much as possible in their homes daily milk made from yogurt, vinegar water
well-washed vegetables and dishes made under hygienic conditions.
It is recommended to consume.

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