Pre-pregnancy tomography

Pre-pregnancy tomography

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MRI during pregnancy
on the contrary it is not harmful. Because MRI doesn't emit radiation. Very rare baby

In computed tomography, radiation
overdose for pregnancy
It is harmful. It is not an emergency or vitally important for the mother
MRI should not be taken during pregnancy unless. Under 500 mrad2 during pregnancy
radiation exposure is no harm, this figure is exceeded
time, radiation-induced damage may occur.

The dose to which the fetus is exposed in tomography

Computed tomography with 30 mrad

CT 250 mrad with computed tomography.


Mostly three cases with radiation
Encountered. First; dental and lung film production in hospitals, tomography
operations. The other is radiotherapy used in the treatment of cancer, the last one
television, mobile phone and computer that occupy our daily lives.
It is to use.


The entire fetus or embryo in the womb
As the cells proliferate rapidly, the fetus is highly sensitive to radiation. Diagnosis
Methods include ultrasound and radioactive rays in magnetic resonance.
However, direct X-ray (radiography) and computerized
tomography applications expose the subject to radiation. This is the fetus.
risk, the dose of radiation received and the application
pregnancy depends on the week of pregnancy.
is the period in which it is most sensitive to the effect of radiation.
depending on the dose received
in addition to the dose and personal factors.
of infants exposed to radiation in the womb at varying rates
the risk of developing cancer is also considered to be higher in periods.

Negative effects of radiation
in cases where there is definite medical necessity
The amount of radiation received in these films teratogen effect
well below the specified doses. Especially notice the pregnancy yet
'X-ray' event is very common
It will be more accurate to give more detailed information on.

Either always - or nothing Process: Radiation important for early pregnancy
is a concept. All or nothing period in the first 8 days after conception
It is considered. If the radiation received in this process will have an effect,
This means that the pregnancy product is at the end of its travel in the Fallopian tube.
The uterus is lost before settling. If this does not occur, the radiation
teratogenic effect. Cut the day of pregnancy
If it is not possible to determine the menstrual cycle,
you will need to decide by date.

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