First menstruation after pregnancy

First menstruation after pregnancy

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During pregnancy, the mother
experiences psychological changes. These changes may occur after birth.
will return to its original state after a certain time. Therefore, mothers
they should not have any worries about their changes. This
the growth of worries both the mother's psychology and the baby's mother
affects the development.

One of these changes is the period during pregnancy
It is not. Since there is no ovulation in this period, menstruation is not seen. Pregnancy
The first menstrual period varies depending on many factors. After giving birth
bleeding is not menstrual bleeding. Menstrual bleeding after childbirth
In order to live in, you must first pass the puerperium period. After birth
There is a bleeding called loşia. This bleeding is more than menstruation
and lasts up to 6 weeks. Red in the early days of the puerperium, then
pink, then brown and lately yellow and lighter

Ideal time

It may take up to 6 weeks for the Loşia hemorrhage to end. This bleeding
after the menstrual period, the mother's breastfeeding period
It depends. Mothers who breastfeed their babies will be late for menstruation.
The baby should be breastfed for the first 6 months. Nursing mothers 6
menstruation is unlikely to occur after 6 months, but even if it starts
may be irregular. Breastfeeding mothers may take up to 18 months to menstruate. No
in mothers who are not breastfeeding, menstrual bleeding, 4-8 weeks after birth

Any woman who gives birth after the end of the postpartum period,
should go to the doctor for checks. Gynecological examination after pregnancy
should be informed about smear removal and prevention methods.

If the mother does not breastfeed her baby and is still menstrual delay or menstruation
If you experience irregularity, you should consult your doctor. Lactating mothers, this
If menstrual period is severe and this bleeding is severe, strictly refer to the doctor's advice.
should apply.


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