Pregnancy loading test

Pregnancy loading test

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24 and 28 for the detection of diabetes during pregnancy
sugar loading test with glucose loading weeks
There are benefits. But first-degree relatives in the family sugar
diabetes, the problem of diabetes in the previous pregnancy
living, unexplained pregnancy loss
firstly obese ones; having a sugar loading test before pregnancy
is required. This makes it possible for both the pregnancy to pass smoothly and for the mother and
is important for health.

Pregnancy sugar
What are the risks for the mother and the baby?

Presence of diabetes before pregnancy or pregnancy
emerged during the period, the mother and the baby to create some risks
It provides. What is the level of blood sugar levels in pregnant women with diabetes
the risk of diabetes is reduced.
The risks of diabetes during pregnancy are
less risk than diabetes. However, it is necessarily sugar in pregnant women
loading test. Otherwise mother
candidates such as pregnancy poisoning, high blood pressure, preterm labor, miscarriage
problems are higher than those without diabetes. Before pregnancy
women with diabetes may have some anomalies in their babies. But
diabetes starting in pregnancy does not cause such a problem. But both
overweight birth of the baby in diabetes that is the development of macrosomic baby
it could be the subject. In this case, delivery to the mothers by cesarean section
certain risks may occur. For mothers
When blood sugar levels are controlled during pregnancy,
risks that may occur will decrease proportionally. So Mom
The monitoring of HbA1C and glucose levels in candidates is extremely important.

What are the possible risks of the baby in the mother?

-The lungs do not develop much after birth.
baby may experience respiratory distress.

- Macrosomics

- The baby is smaller than it should be.

- Hypoglycemia after birth
drop, hypocalcemia, polycythemia, hyperbiluribinemia

-The formation of heart diseases in the advanced stage

- Kidney anomalies

-Brain and central nervous system anomalies

Ear anomalies

- Abnormalities in the digestive system

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