Vagina dryness after pregnancy

Vagina dryness after pregnancy

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Sexual life of mothers after birth; cultural, religious
factors, physical and psychological change and the experiences they experienced before the pregnancy.
relationship with sexual life. About the sexual life for women in this period
every woman to talk about changes and adapt to sexual life after childbirth
may not be easy for you. During this process, the mother's sexual life
change will affect.

One of the factors that women should pay attention to in this process
to prevent reproductive health and pregnancy by appropriate methods. Birth
In order to avoid accidental pregnancy, mother and father
should be protected and consciously.

in the vagina
dryness treatment

The recovery of the genital area after birth,
after the end of the postpartum period, ie 6 weeks later. New mother
a woman should consider her baby first during these periods and
should not choose to have sexual intercourse during the postpartum period.

Vagina dryness after pregnancy, breastfeeding more
is a common condition. Vaginal dryness, pain in sexual intercourse for the mother
and can increase sexual desire. Vaginal used for these situations
gels or moisturizers.

For recovery and repair of the genital area
the required time is usually 6 weeks. However, episiotomy or tearing
The healing process of mothers may take a little longer. Episiotomy or tearing
that the body can repair itself and is a temporary situation.
It should be remembered.

Affecting mother's sexual life after pregnancy

- Epizyo and rupture,



- Bleeding or discharge in the vagina,

During the relationship, pain due to dryness,

- Don't feel ugly and dislike,

- Fear of waking the baby or not hearing the baby's voice.

Most common in the first months after pregnancy
one of the complaints is the decreased or no sexual desire. made
According to research in most of the new mother and father couples, sexual desire
increases and the frequency of the relationship reaches the pre-pregnancy level. Especially breastfeeding
more frequent vaginal dryness during the period, because the pain during the relationship
cravings are reduced. In addition, postpartum mother, transient urinary incontinence
but this is also temporary. Doing Kegel exercises, pelvic
With base exercises you can avoid this situation more quickly.

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