Legal rights in pregnancy

Legal rights in pregnancy

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The status of women in working life, pregnancy, birth and
face obstacles like the post. In the Labor Law, women
has secured business life.
There are many mothers who don't know their rights.

According to Article 74 of the Law, expectant mothers
they cannot be operated within two months. If the mother is experiencing multiple pregnancy, this period
ten weeks. According to the doctor's report, this time can be shortened.

The working period of the candidate is added to the postpartum periods. The expectant mother
for sixteen weeks on maternity leave
“Temporary incapacity benefit la with the principles determined by me
It is given. Allowance for this period, the rest of the expectant mother
then from the SSI. Minimu ninety days shorter a year to be paid
premium insurance branches must be paid premium.

pregnant woman receiving pregnancy report, primarily by her doctor
is required. Human resources of the company where the mother is working with this report
or to the accounting department.

Remember These

candidate may request changes in working hours together with the doctor's report.

A hard
If you are pregnant, you cannot work in hazardous jobs.

You can request not to work on the shift.

request a change in your departure times during peak hours
You edebilris.

free of charge up to 6 months following maternity leave
It can verill.

any deductions from salaries, if deemed necessary
you can work in lighter jobs.

Postpartum of Mother

to use at any time until he / she turns one
milk leave for one and a half hours during the day
It can receive.

up to six months after the expiry of the postnatal leave, if the worker so requests
you can get it for free.

workers should take a break from work for both these periods and due to birth
for each birth.
borrowing a period of up to two years, provided that the child also lives
has the right.

Candidate's Prenatal Rights

to receive paid leave for periodic doctor checks

report with any deduction from the fees if deemed necessary
without lighter work.

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