Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

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and want to give your baby a nice gift? If yes, you are pregnant
Meet yoga!

It is an important process in which a woman discovers her power. In this process
physical, psychological and hormonal changes occur. Pregnant
You can keep these changes in balance with yoga.

During the process you can streamline your daily life by moving a little. Little
A lot of discomfort occurs in the joints and muscles at the level of movement, body
It brings.

due to the changes in the body center of gravity
Changes in the structure of the spine comes occurring. This is for back and back pain

yoga, body level awareness and the right breathing techniques with the body
relieve, loosen the mother and the baby's health is very important for
It carries. With yoga, muscles are strengthened to reduce the risk of
It decreases.

no matter how comfortable, peaceful and happy your baby will feel.

How should I prepare? aday
It is the question. Yoga during pregnancy, not only the mother to birth, birth,
prepares before and after birth.

During Pregnancy
feeling insomnia and fatigue
they do not know. Breathing exercises in yoga
the baby is allowed to get better oxygen ,.

your pregnancy
You can strengthen your legs with standing yoga exercises in the first 3 months.
Thus, your blood circulation will accelerate and cramps will begin to decrease. 3.
As of the month, you should continue with an expert yoga instructor.

Benefits of Yoga in Pregnancy

helps to strengthen.

Your mother's
psychologically makes you feel better.

and strengthens the back muscles to prevent back-waist pain.

allows you to gain more healthy weight.

It decreases.

teaches the mother to breathe with the techniques of taking and giving, so that the mother at birth
it breathes better and feels more comfortable during childbirth.

As in the exercises, it is easier for the mother's body to

Increased endorphin hormone provides physical and psychological relief, pregnant
women themselves more physically and psychologically more comfortable and
makes them feel strong.

pregnant women
strengthens abdominal muscles and increases balance-concentration control.
this helps the mother to concentrate better on normal birth.

from birth
then accelerates the normalization of the body and abdomen.

Swelling in the body decreases.

reduces pain.

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