Infections during pregnancy

Infections during pregnancy

Infection-related diseases during pregnancy
And more. Infection related diseases
there are probably 100 diseases.

What is the effect on your baby?

Infections in the body may be caused by a number of bacteria, viruses or
parasites. Infections during pregnancy
it does not directly affect the health of your baby.
For example; most common during pregnancy
infections, respiratory tract infection,
urinary tract infection, intestinal tract infections. These infections are long
duration of treatment, unless the severity of the antibiotic given by the doctor
and no side effects to the baby. But
Some infections are not dangerous for normal individuals, but pregnancy
during the period can affect the baby. These infections;
toxoplasma, cmv and rubella. Individuals who have not had these infections
If you experience them during pregnancy, you may even pose a serious risk to the baby.
A number of anomalies may occur in the baby. Risk for both mother and baby
Hepatitis-B infection. Each of the specified infections
period should be considered.

What are the symptoms?

In general, symptoms of infectious diseases, fatigue,
period of weakness, high fever manifests itself as problems. Some
In cases of infections may not show any symptoms in the body. symptom
infections, sometimes during or before pregnancy.
tests may occur.

Infection during pregnancy
What precautions can you take to avoid getting caught?

First of all, wash your hands frequently and hygiene in every sense.
provide is very important. Infections, some diseases are common
it may be a kind of precaution. Sexual
protection during sexual intercourse
It can avoid. You should not consume meat, vegetables that are not cooked well. Relative
children or individuals with infection in the family or family
you should take care.

Treatment of infection
how is it possible?

As we mentioned at the beginning, as in every period of life,
infectious diseases are very common during pregnancy. Infection
treatment of diseases, according to types, according to time, according to the severity of occurrence
It varies. Pain in the treatment of infectious diseases in general
cutter, antipyretics, antibiotics are used. Infection
self-medication when you have
When you experience the symptoms and complaints of infection,
you should see a specialist doctor. Doctor, depending on the type of infection
or decide on the medication you need for your treatment
It will give.

In such cases, consult your doctor whether the disease is harmful or not.
will be the best way. After all, your baby's health
You should also care about your health.

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