Acne formation during pregnancy

Acne formation during pregnancy

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During pregnancy
for some reason, you mother expectant mother comes to the media. This
Acne and acne condition during pregnancy usually all parents

What causes acne?

During pregnancy
increase in some hormones and consequently
level increases. This condition may cause acne or
causes acne increase. In exceptional cases, some mothers
acne can be seen to decrease. Androgen hormone in pregnant mothers
increased, this hormone triggers the sebaceous glands of the skin, which
causes increased lubrication. In this way, bacteria increase acne
ground is prepared. The level of acne in this period; severe, medium and light
as the watch. Some mothers can be seen in a certain month or period
and it can pass or acne can become permanent until birth.

How can you reduce acne?

First of all,
do not make strong contact with fibers or towels. Causing this irritation
may also increase acne. Light when you wash your face
Wash with motions and then gently dehumidify again with a towel after washing.
Wash your skin twice a day with cleansing products or soap
Take care. When you use moisturizing creams on the skin, these creams
Make sure it is not greasy.

One thing wrong with the public is to squeeze acne. Exactly
squeeze your acne, do not explode. This movement is not to pass your acne
on the contrary, it may proliferate and leave marks on your skin.

Anti-acne creams, medications or care during pregnancy
You should never use such products without first asking a qualified doctor.
At the same time again in this period of anti-acne tablets thyroid
it has a negative effect on the functioning of your hormones and should never be used. This
The chemicals contained in the products in your baby, such as defective born negative
effects. In this case, of course, your baby's health,
more important than your acne.

What is called facial beauty is temporary
health comes first. Be yourself and your baby at risk
avoid and accept the hormonal returns of this period. Acne
If you feel uncomfortable, you should consult your own doctor and specialist dermatologist.
note. Stay healthy.

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