Seam marks after pregnancy

Seam marks after pregnancy

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Stitch marks after cesarean births are
one problem. These sutures are formed after the incisions made in the surgery.
is the condition of skin healing. Although these stitches are sometimes unclear
sometimes it manifests itself with skin swelling.

There are differences in the stitch marks of mothers. Made in surgery
Although the incisions are made in the same way,
genetics plays an important role.

What are stitch marks?

There are two types of stitch marks. These are 'hypertrophic scar' and 'keloid'. Red colored puffy skin
suture marks are called hypertrophic scars and those like masses are called keloid scars. This
If the scars are obvious, they can be repaired by aesthetic intervention.

Seam marks after cesarean section

Cesarean section during delivery
they are usually made horizontally through the groin line.
Postoperative suture marks may be evident, but lingerie, bikini
etc. these marks will close when you wear your clothes and
will not be seen.
2 days after the cesarean section, the suture marks begin to stratify
occurs within. For this reason, mothers are normally about 3 days after birth.
then take a shower. The textural layer formed on the skin
boiling and closure of stitches within 7 days
It is realized.

Stitch marks after normal birth

A birth incision is made during normal birth. This incision is approximately 3
cm around and mild. This kind of sewing scar
in a way. This incision is made especially for the first time births. If the
If a birth incision has not been applied, do not have any stitches
Will not.

What should you care for your sewing mark?

Take care to keep your seams clean, avoid moisture.
In case of discharge, bleeding, redness, consult your doctor immediately. Seam
avoid stapling, threading, etc.
Remove them. Oil, ointment, powder
Do not use without consulting. This area for about 6 months direct sun
Remove them.
Ointments that are not recommended by your specialist are harmful and
you can make it even more intense. At the same time any
an improvement on the traces of suturing a plant, herb or herbal treatment
It does not provide.

If you have a marked
if you notice any stitches from your cesarean birth
then he will always be with you, albeit slight. These stitch marks
is a legacy of your children throughout your life.

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