Skin diseases in pregnancy

Skin diseases in pregnancy

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Many skin problems during pregnancy
viable. Itching is the most common of these problems. Mother
eczema, psoriasis
Diseases can worsen with pregnancy. Even in some cases
it may even be necessary to terminate the pregnancy. And the skin that emerges during pregnancy
diseases. These can be repeated every pregnancy. Also crack
formation is also very likely to be seen.


During pregnancy
How often are skin changes?

It is quite common. Nearly every prospective mother
or skin-wide changes. They are usually mild conditions.
But some women already have chronic skin problems and
becomes more pronounced. In some women, skin problems for the first time
during pregnancy.


How to treat psoriasis in pregnancy
would you?

Blisters of psoriasis
It is seen. The skin is usually covered with shiny scales of silver color. New skin
cells are produced ten times faster than normal. But the situation in pregnancy
may worsen, heal or remain the same. Some types of psoriasis, the first
may occur during pregnancy. Pregnancy with this disease
It is useful to have a dermatologist in the controls of the owner.
It will be. Because psoriasis can worsen. The situation, the life of the mother and the baby
urgent and deep intervention may be necessary.


Systemic lupus (skin
What happens in the case of tuberculosis)?

This disease causes inflammation of the tissue ligaments. This situation
mostly occurs during pregnancy. Except for the skin of the person with this disease,
other bodies are also under influence. Also in the baby at birth or birth
skin lesions may occur. SLE detected during pregnancy
It may be. In the event of exacerbation, both skin and joints are affected.
remains below.


What happens with herpes?

Sexually transmitted disease, painful in the genital area
Causes irritation. The reason for this; herpes simplex virus. Illness once
when acquired, settles for life. Some people often have painful genital lesions
while others experience periods of stagnation. Pregnancy, this condition
does not change or affect. The person who meets the disease for the first time, immediately pregnant
not recommended. For the expectant mothers,
it is not helpful to make a recommendation. As soon as symptoms appear
they show themselves.


Itching during pregnancy
What are the reasons?

Itching, the most common skin in pregnant women
Is the problem. There may be more than one cause. All cases, by the doctor
should be examined carefully. Reason; pre-maternal skin
disorder. If you do not have such a skin disorder before, with pregnancy
resulting liver, thyroid glands or other body systems.
It may be caused by a situation that affects.
Pruritus may also be caused by pregnancy-related skin conditions.
Weldable. There is therefore an irritation in all cases. Besides this
There are also itch types that cannot be found during pregnancy.

What kind of liver
case causes itching?

Many cases of liver itching both during pregnancy and outside pregnancy
why could it be. Your doctor should check for cholestasis. Not noticed
it may even lead to the loss or stillbirth of the baby. Also mother
makes the candidate inclined to miscarriage. To follow the health checks of mother and baby
Blood test and close examination should be done. If you have a fast
If it is determined to progress, birth can be accelerated. Birth cholestasis,
disappears at the end of birth. Birth cholestasis is not common. Almost 1000
2 of pregnant women.

Itching effect
Does the itchy skin of the woman underneath occur redness?

This is a common condition. Every period of pregnancy
visible. It may occur after birth in some women. Irritation,
first starts in the blood. Then face and then other parts of the body
spreads. Itching can be quite severe and irritating. itching
Apart from this inconvenience, the mother and the baby
There is. Methods of reducing itching like cream, medicine, lotion
has. This pruritus also disappears after birth.

Itching, next
Is it repeated during pregnancy?

It wouldn't be right to say anything because it's from the mother
changes to the mother. It may also be less mild than the itching in the first pregnancy.

Other Skin Problems

Pregnancy related
Are there skin problems other than these?

Yeah. A skin condition known as em pemphigoid pregnancy..
In pemphigoid pregnancy, fluid-filled lesions are seen on the skin. Skin
stratified and resembles the appearance of fluid burn. It also causes itching.
Before spreading, it appears around the navel. On the palms
and on the soles. Sometimes it can also occur in the mouth. For a mother
not dangerous
may become more severe in pregnancy. On the other hand, in some cases
there are weak indications that it restricts the baby's development.

During Pregnancy
are all skin problems that may occur?

Unfortunately, no. Sometimes the reason for mothers
skin problems are not found. If this happens, your doctor may contact a dermatologist.
researching the source of the problem and applying the necessary treatment.
It will be.

Well a certain
should mothers be worried even if there is no finding?

Usually no. It is important to eliminate unwanted conditions in pregnancy
It is removed.


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