Advice on Coping with Pregnancy Stretch Marks and Stains

Advice on Coping with Pregnancy Stretch Marks and Stains

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This week many during pregnancy expectant "Cracks and blemishes of pregnancy" We interviewed with Gökhan Okan.

1. What Causes Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

Cracks pregnant is a cosmetic problem observed in 90% of women. They usually start first in the abdomen and spread to the chest, legs and armpits. The lesions are initially swollen, flatten in a short time and turn purple. In time, they're whites. Wrinkles are observed on the surfaces. They are usually several cm long and 1-10 mm wide. The exact cause of crack development is unknown. Hormonal factors, the role of familial susceptibility can not be ignored. Stretching of the developing fetus, weight gain during pregnancy causes dermal tears and events initiate fractures. Inadequate fluid intake during pregnancy plays a role in reducing skin elasticity, facilitating crack formation. At the cellular level, the crack develops after irregular secretion of fibroblast cells by the skin.

2. What is the Prevention of the Pregnancy Month?

From the 5th month of pregnancy, it is necessary to take precautions against post-partum cracks using the related cosmetic products. These creams after birth should be used regularly. It is necessary to know that there is no definite result with cosmetic creams used to prevent the formation of cracks before pregnancy.

Are Cosmetic Products Really Therapeutic?

Effective on crack creams It has roles in regulating connective tissue physiology and increasing skin elasticity. For this purpose, there are products called creams on the market. With these preparations, it is not possible to prevent the full formation of cracks, but a permanent cosmetic result is obtained.

4. Do these creams have any side effects on the baby?

Creams generally used in the treatment of creams contain herbal substances, tretinoin and alpha hydroxy acid. Due to the side effects of tretinoin and alpha hydroxy acids on the developing baby pregnancy should not be used throughout. Therefore, they are not preferred for crack protection purposes.

5. Are there methods used to remove stretch marks other than cosmetic products?

Treatment of crack Another method used is laser therapy. Good results are obtained with 585 nanometer pulsed dye laser. However, liposuction is also used for crack treatment. However, liposuction treatment does not give good results in cracks.

6. There are also some spots on the skin during pregnancy. What is the reason of this?

With the effect of estrogen, progesterone and MSH hormones secreted during pregnancy, color increase is observed on the chest, armpits, genital area and inner hips. It is rare in the whole body. Progress until birth, post-natal Regress. On the face, a symmetrical, sharp-bound pregnancy mask is observed. Familial predisposition is also involved in the development of the event. Sun exposure activates the event.

7. What precautions can be taken to get rid of these stains?

Formed birthmarks can be opened with stain-opening creams and exfoliating. Peeling is the process of peeling the skin during pregnancy to remove stains that work.

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