High risk pregnancies

High risk pregnancies

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When high-risk pregnancies are mentioned; excessive bleeding, preeclampsia known as high blood pressure disease, uncontrolled gestational diabetes, a number of chronic diseases that previously existed in the patient but worsened during pregnancy (eg type1 diabetes, thyroid disorders, large fibroids, various blood diseases, cancers), Multiple pregnancies, advanced maternal age pregnancies, patients with high risk screening test results, various abnormalities seen in fetus. Premature birth threats, cervical insufficiencies and miscarriages in the previous pregnancy increase the risk even if there is a small amount for the next pregnancy. Some of these may be revealed as a result of routine examinations and tests performed before pregnancy. Some of them occur or become heavier during pregnancy without being predicted.

Rather than combating all of these during pregnancy, it is easier to put it under control when the pregnancy is planned. Pregnancy is more comfortable and safer thanks to early interventions to high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, thyroid and anemia problems.

Being strictly followed means always having the chance to intervene early. Many systemic diseases can be affected by pregnancy for better or worse. Prior to conception, a number of routine tests should be carried out taking into account the main risks to which the patient is familiar. If a healthy preparation is made for pregnancy, everything will develop better during pregnancy.

Routine screening tests after pregnancy can reveal problems that may be seen in the baby or the mother. Problems that may occur with double or triple screening tests, detailed ultrasound examinations and routine follow-up can be ruled out by 60-70%. One thing to keep in mind here is that there is never such a thing as zero risk. It is possible to encounter all kinds of events in the process from the moment the pregnancy is learned until the birth. What is important is that they are recognized and managed professionally. This is the only way to have a healthy child.

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