A common infection in children: pseudo-parasite

A common infection in children: pseudo-parasite

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General Information;

Croup is the state of infection, inflammation and swelling of the larynx (vocal cords) and the trachea regions adjacent to this region. Although this disease can occur at any age, it is frequently seen in children younger than 6 years. If the trachea becomes obstructed, emergency intervention may be necessary. Such a blockage results in forced breathing and coughing, similar to the barking sound, which is the most typical feature of this disease.
Signs and Symptoms;

• Fever (sometimes)
• hoarseness
• Coughing and hard breathing, such as bark (especially at night)

Infectious viral or bacterial infections
Risk Factor: Various allergies
Possible Complications:

• Airway obstruction
• Very rarely death due to severe obstruction
Treatment: Home Care;

• The child should be calmed. Tension increases respiratory distress.
• Steam is created in the bathroom, after the bath air is saturated with steam, the bathroom door is opened and cold air is introduced. If the child breathes this air for 10 minutes but the respiratory distress persists, the child is taken to the hospital.
Medication :

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics if croup has developed as a result of bacterial infection. However, antibiotic treatment is often unnecessary, as in most cases there are causative viruses.

Activity :
The child should be rested during croup attacks and should not be allowed to play outside in cold weather.

Frequent but small amounts of liquid foods should be given as appetite may be reduced and coughing may occur.
Back to School or Kindergarten:
After the decrease in fever, increased appetite and normalization of daily activities; It takes about one week time.
In which situations should you go to the hospital urgently?

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