Questions about sexuality start at age 3

Questions about sexuality start at age 3

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In the end, the curiosity will continue to search for the answer to the question of children and someone who does not know enough about this subject can learn something wrong. Experts, "shame, sin," the scolding, saying that the child's future sexual life will also negatively affect the attention.

Studies conducted by the Ministry of National Education and the Ministry of Health in our country show that young people at secondary and high school level do not have healthy information about sexuality and that they have serious problems arising from this. Experts pointed out that the problems of young people in the family does not provide healthy information about sexuality in childhood plays an effective role.

Pedagogical experts Ayşegül Salgın and Zehra Yılmaz, who work at Kadıköy Acıbadem Hospital, draw attention to the fact that children trying to get to know their environment and the outside world have started to ask questions to their parents especially around the age of 3. Ayşegül Salgın, a pedagogical expert who emphasizes that the answers to these questions force many parents, said, zor This may be related to the attitudes of the parents about sexuality. But even the parents, who are thought to be extremely open and comfortable, may not know how to behave, tell how and when they encounter such a situation. ”

Children wonder

The child's sexual questions are not based on sexual emotions, but on the other hand, the pedagogue Zehra Yılmaz, who reminds her of her curiosity about how the babies came into the world, does not differ from the child's interest in space, planets or animals. The pedagogue Ayşegül Salgın states that the tension experienced by the parents in the face of sexual questions arises from not knowing this difference and confusing the child's understanding of sexuality with the understanding of adults.

Çoğu In our country, in most families, questions and conversations about sexuality are forbidden. When the child asks any question, he or she is reprimanded or the subject is closed in some way because the parents do not know how to answer the question. As a result, the child will continue to look for the answer to the question of which the curiosity has not been solved, and someone who does not know this subject can learn something wrong. Yalan

Do not scold the child

According to experts, it is very important for children to be informed in a healthy way by their families. If the mother or father scolds the child for a question about sexuality, it becomes inevitable that the child will feel guilty and think that sexuality is a shame, a sin or something nasty. Pedagogue Zehra Yılmaz says that these thoughts may adversely affect the child's future sexual life and draws the boundaries of the education that should be given as follows:

“When providing sexual education to children, the cognitive development level of the child should be taken into consideration first. When the child asks a question, it should be answered in a correct, descriptive and comprehensible manner. The answers should satisfy the child's curiosity and be satisfying. Giving too much information is nothing but confusing the child. Silence, change or scold the subject should not be preferred.

The best time to give sexual information to a child is when he starts asking questions about these issues. Although such questions are individual differences, they are usually asked around 3 years of age. The first questions are usually related to his body, the body of the mother or the birth of a brother. Questions about gender differences start at age 2-3 and questions about birth at age 3-4 start. Sexual interest sometimes dies between 7-8 years of age. With sexual maturation, physical signs appear and the genital glands begin to rejuvenate. ”

Attention to adolescence

They do not apply to their families because they do not receive the necessary support during childhood and cannot find answers to their questions. Children who do not get enough information about sexuality from their families are experiencing serious difficulties during adolescence. They do not apply to their families because they do not receive the necessary support during childhood and cannot find answers to their questions. Acıbadem Hospital Kadikoy pedagogy experts make the following suggestions to families by stating that children are trying to recognize their bodies by touching their sexual organs:

Genellikle It is seen that the families are generally uncomfortable with this situation and prefer the methods of rebuke and prevention. However, this behavior is a natural, normal behavior, healthy. It's part of trying to get to know the child's body. The aim of sexual education is not only to ensure that the child complies with some social rules, but also to enable the human to freely develop and regulate his or her sexual powers as much as possible, to consciously hold them and to benefit them for the happiness of himself and others (especially spouses and children). ”

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