Eye health during pregnancy

Eye health during pregnancy

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There are some changes in all organs during pregnancy which is a period administered by hormones from start to finish. “Eye ten takes its share from this usual process. How does pregnancy affect eye health? Can eye diseases be treated during pregnancy? Prof. Dr. Dünyagöz Etiler Pervin Uygur gave mothers very important information about eye problems they might have during pregnancy.Risk of diabetic retinopathyDr. Pervin Uighur, during pregnancy, women with diabetes in the retina hemorrhage and capillary disorders that may start by expressing retinopathy, the pregnancy may cause the progression of existing retinopathy, he said. Dr. Uighur, eye bottoms and blood sugar in women with diabetes should be followed very closely and if necessary treatment should be noted. Dr. Pervin Uygur said that if the expectant mothers face the problem of high blood pressure during the last pregnancy, they should consult the ophthalmologist. Medicine and eye surgery during pregnancy Emphasis on the treatment of an eye problem that requires treatment in the ophthalmologist under the control of the drugs given by the ophthalmologist must emphasize the need for treatment. Pervin Uygur, “Use of medication should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. In particular, cortisone medication should not be used, ”he said. Dr. Uighur said that eye surgery was not performed unless compulsory during pregnancy. Lazer Laser treatment is not recommended in pregnancy. The refractive error of the pregnant eye varies and consequently increases the risk of errors. In addition, any operation is a cause of stress. Interventions that cause stress during pregnancy should be avoided. ”Dr. Pervin Uygur recalled that glasses and contact lenses should be re-evaluated after birth due to changes in fracture defects during pregnancy, and suggested the use of artificial tears as it increases eye dryness during pregnancy.

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