Can pregnancy trigger hemorrhoids?

Can pregnancy trigger hemorrhoids?

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One of the most common disorders in pregnancy is hemorrhoids. Kadıköy Şifa Hospital General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Levent Eminoglu, the mother body of the resulting changes in the body as a result of changes in the body told about what you need to know about hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoid tissue is a cushion mechanism that normally exists in every human being, preventing involuntary gas and liquid outflow. Hemorrhoidal disease occurs when swelling, sagging, bleeding and pain of the vascular ball forming these pillows.

Pregnancy is a period in which hemorrhoid problems become frequent or onset for various reasons. As the amount of blood in the body increases by 25-40% during pregnancy, the pressure of the vein system increases directly. As the growing uterus will gradually put pressure on the venous system, it facilitates the formation of varicose veins in the hemorrhoids and legs.

Naturally increasing progesterone hormone during pregnancy and relaxation of the vessel wall, creating relaxation, can cause direct hemorrhoid status, but also by slowing the bowel movements and triggering constipation contributes to the formation of hemorrhoid disease.

The most effective precaution during pregnancy is water massage, swelling and pain during the period can be tried iced cortisone. Corticosteroid-containing pomades can be used for a short time in case of pruritus and bleeding. In rare cases, surgery may be necessary if coagulation occurs in the hemorrhoid breast and / or cannot be controlled by medication.


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