Children eating candy and dental health

Children eating candy and dental health

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There is no doubt that sugary foods are indispensable for children, especially during the holidays, increasing consumption of sugar and sweet can threaten your child's dental health and leave permanent damage to their teeth.

Dentist and Prosthodontist Çağdaş Kışlaoğlu, over-consumed foods such as sugar and sweets during the holidays can cause many dental problems by stimulating parents about oral health problems, children's overall body health can affect negatively, he noted. Giving information about the measures to be taken during the Eid al-Adha:

Tamamen It is not possible to completely remove bacteria from the oral environment, but we can interfere with nutritional habits, ie the shape of the food consumed and the length of stay in the mouth, to prevent the formation of caries. ” Için For this, we need to stay away from decaying foods such as sugar and sweets as much as possible, or to brush our teeth effectively within 30 minutes after consuming them. ”

Kışlaoğlu, oral and dental health protection recommendations listed as follows:

Su * Water should be drunk immediately after consumption of sweet and sugar or chewing gum without sugar or sweetener.

* Rinse mouth with plenty of water to reduce acidic environment.

* Foods such as sugar, chocolate and sweets create an acidic environment in the mouth and cause tooth decay. Therefore, this type of food should be consumed as soon as possible after meals.

* Since saliva flow increases and acidic environment provides basic environment, foods that need to be chewed like carrots and fiber foods like cheese should be eaten.

* The most risky of the sweet food consumed during the feast is the adhesive confectionery like delight. Because it is not easy to remove these foods from the teeth by rinsing them with water. Sometimes even brushing teeth is not enough. These candies remaining between the teeth can be removed using dental floss.

* Few of the teeth in the recesses and grooves in the teeth are much deeper than that of adults. Therefore, these areas are more difficult to clean. Parents need to help their children and brush their chewing surfaces themselves.

* Consumption of these sugars, especially for people who use mobile or fixed prosthesis as well as children, may cause the prosthesis to dislodge, break and be swallowed unnoticed.

* Meat and meat-containing foods, pastry, milk sweets and fruit juices are among the risky foods in the formation of caries. As mentioned earlier, water should be drunk immediately after consumption or the acidic environment should be prevented by rinsing the mouth. "

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