Diabetes during pregnancy

Diabetes during pregnancy

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Hi ,

As the followers of my articles know, I am pregnant and I am expecting my second baby. I have a 6-year-old daughter and I am in 33 weeks of my pregnancy, “thank goodness”. I'm thankful because I haven't written here yet, but I've been having a problematic pregnancy since 21 weeks. 3 days a week after hospitalization with medication and needles, I do my pregnancy, my wife, my mother's help and understanding of my beloved little daughter was able to reach this week thanks to the understanding that you can. I say we get our son.

Motherhood is an unbelievable feeling, I feel like I cannot love any baby after my daughter. .21. Thank God I didn't have to go to bed but I don't do housework, I'm trying to continue my work with my notebook and I'm interested in my little girl.

My daughter Ece and I stayed at my mother for a full 2.5 months, and my child never misses our house despite the incredible every day, "mother are you okay? Arda is good?" He asked. .3 weeks now we're at home, Arda's nanny started work, but for now, her real job is to look after Arda's mother.…

In short, I will give birth a few weeks later and after that I will continue to write about the organizations and I will tell you my little baby.

I wish all pregnant women a healthy pregnancy and I wish everyone who wants a baby to have this beautiful feeling.

Until we meet again;
The most beautiful, fun, most loving days with you.

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