Are your child's toys safe?

Are your child's toys safe?

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The game has an indispensable place in the child's world. Toys are very important for the game. We all know this and we often buy toys for our children and try to support their games with these toys. But how successful are we in choosing toys? Especially in today's society, children and families, who have a lot of options, can sometimes find it difficult to choose toys. In this article I wanted to talk about some tips that can help you when choosing a toy, I hope it will help you!

Here are these tips…

The two most important elements: When choosing toys for your child, make sure that the toys are safe and parallel to your child's level of development. Just because a toy goes on sale doesn't make it safe. The safety status of the toy may vary according to age and development level. For example, the jewelry making set is a toy that is not at all suitable for young children. Because small children may swallow the beads in this set and may be in danger of suffocation. Be sure to read the safety warnings on the toy boxes and make your choice in the light of these warnings. When choosing a toy, make sure that the CE mark is included in the box of the product you bought. This is a sign that people and other living beings meet the basic health and safety requirements, regardless of the quality level of a good placed on the market and consist of the initials of the name ”Conformite Europeenne.. Compliance with development level is the second important factor in the selection of toys. Choosing a toy that is well below or above the level of development will adversely affect the child's motivation for the toy and will allow the child not to prefer it during the game.

Play with your child:

Don't hesitate to play with your child, remember that every moment you share with him is valuable. By playing with your child, you can easily observe how and how much toys he needs, and with the questions you can ask during the game, you can understand what kind of toys your child likes and which toys he needs. Toys never replace your love, just because you buy toys doesn't mean you show your love to them. Therefore, instead of relaxing your conscience by buying toys for your child to show him your love and spend time with him.

Attention to some products:

Some toy ads claim that children playing with this toy are smarter. However, to date, scientific studies have not reached conclusive evidence supporting this claim. Therefore, we can say that this kind of advertising gives false information, makes you unnecessary hopes and encourages you to spend. In particular, we recommend that you approach these kinds of claims used in the marketing of educationally qualified toys with suspicion and be more careful when purchasing the product.

Your choice of toys reflects your value judgments:

When choosing toys for your child, be sure to choose toys that are appropriate to the value judgments you want to pass on to them. For example, if you want to tell him that war and violence are bad things, never buy your child a toy gun or stay away from computer games that contain such items. If you want to tell your child that race differences don't matter, that it's important to be human, you can get him a black baby.

Your choice supports creativity:

There is actually an inverse relationship between creativity and toys. The toys that support the child's creativity the most are actually non-creative toys (such as blocks, legos, paints and doughs). Is it your child's creativity or the toy designer's creativity! You can make your choice according to your answer.

Things to remember:

When choosing a toy, it should not affect you whether the toy is suitable for trends or expensive. Instead of…

-Please make sure that the toy you choose is capable of adding value to the game. Your child should have fun playing with this toy, learn something, develop creativity and play with this toy many times.

-The toy should have a good design, be interesting and easy to use.

-The toy you choose should be appropriate for your child's age, mental development level, and be able to address his or her abilities and interests.

-Toys should be good quality, safe and durable

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