What is pregnancy poisoning?

What is pregnancy poisoning?

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In addition to high blood pressure, swelling in the hands, feet and face is caused by excessive protein excretion through the urine. Pregnancy poisoning may be very mild in some cases and may develop very violently in some cases and may require urgent intervention.

In people exposed to pregnancy poisoning, if the disease is very severe, it can lead to seizures. This is a serious situation that requires urgent intervention. People exposed to severe pregnancy poisoning may require immediate delivery.

The most important detail in pregnancy poisoning is the careful measurement of blood pressure values.

What is the frequency of pregnancy poisoning?
Pregnancy poisoning is a type of disease that occurs in up to 10% of all pregnant women. The majority of those exposed to pregnancy intoxication survive pregnancy intoxication slightly.

What are the symptoms of pregnancy poisoning?
It is a condition that usually shows no symptoms in pregnant women. The disease can be recognized by measuring blood pressure values ​​and some tests. Pregnancy poisoning is not a disease that causes symptoms and complaints in every woman.

Symptoms of pregnancy poisoning;
· Loss of consciousness
· Eye problems, very rarely blindness
· Difficult breathing
· Stomach and abdominal pain
Swelling in the body, especially in the hands, feet and face
· Severe headache
· Fatigue feeling

This is usually a condition that all pregnant women can be exposed to. The same symptoms may be seen in pregnant women without pregnancy poisoning. When headache occurs during pregnancy, the first thing that should come to mind is the blood pressure problem. In severe headaches, pregnancy poisoning can be diagnosed with tests performed on patients who apply to a doctor.

Who is most likely to experience pregnancy poisoning?
· Overweight mothers
· In first pregnancies
· If the mother is over 40
· If the expectant mother is under 20 years old
· Candidates who have been exposed to pregnancy poisoning in their families before
· Candidates who have diabetes problems
· Except for pregnancy, that is, for mothers who have hypertension before pregnancy.
· Patients with chronic kidney disease
· Multiple pregnancies
· If any tissue disease is present
· Coagulation disorders

Why is pregnancy poisoning caused?
The cause of pregnancy poisoning is not fully explained. However, as a result of the researches, it was concluded that the pathological factors which cause the most poisoning of pregnancy are not related to the baby's spouse. However, the condition leading to pregnancy poisoning is not yet known. The factors mentioned above may play a role in the poisoning of pregnancy. In the above-mentioned cases, pregnant women are more likely to develop pregnancy poisoning than other mothers.

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