Get healthy and safe tooth structure with early orthodontic treatment!

Get healthy and safe tooth structure with early orthodontic treatment!

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Orthodontic problems that need long and tiring, costly applications in adulthood can be solved with short-term, easy and painless 'PROTECTIVE ORTHODONTICS APPLICATION' when the diagnosis is made up to the age of 7 - 8 years. recommends orthodontic diagnostics ı

The common cause of problems in oral structure, lip and tongue functions and chin development in later ages are orthodontic problems which are not diagnosed at an early age. Hereditary causes, finger sucking, long-term misuse of pacifiers and bottles, premature loss of primary teeth are the main causes of orthodontic problems ort Orthodontic problems diagnosed up to 8 years of age can be solved in a short time with preventive orthodontic treatment method. A panoramic x-ray should be applied to all children to identify the mouth structure that may be an orthodontic anomaly. Then, depending on the type of treatment, the patient is placed with a simple placeholder called a placeholder, a single tooth, and tongue, lip and finger sucking and dental gnashing devices. Dr. Uğur Bilgiç says that this easy treatment method can lead to painless and positive results in a short time.

Preventive orthodontic treatment is very important…

Emphasizing the importance of preventive orthodontic treatment that can be applied during development. Uğur Bilgiç underlines that if the treatment is not performed in this process, the treatment of the later orthodontic anomaly will be more difficult and most importantly more expensive than preventive orthodontic treatment.

With the correct diagnosis and the correct treatment or treatments, oral hygiene is ensured, and the teeth have a healthy and aesthetic appearance.

What should be considered during and after treatment Tedavi

Uğur Bilgiç, who is an orthodontic specialist at Beşonbes, explains the points to be considered during and after the treatment;

The most important consideration during treatment is tooth cleaning. In addition to tooth brushing, if dental braces are used in the treatment, this must be done with care and care.

Another important point is to avoid as much hard and sticky foods as possible during this time.

Oral and dental care should be considered after treatment. In addition to periodic care, doctor checks are carried out at the necessary times and there is no problem…

20 years old female should be kept under control…

Dr. Prof. Dr. Uğur Bilgiç 'Patients who have undergone orthodontic treatment should be more careful about their 20 years old teeth and consult an orthodontic specialist to find out what dangers these teeth may cause in the mouth structure. ' says…

Orthodontic treatment process…

Stressing that the duration of orthodontic treatment varies according to the individual and the age at which the treatment was started. Uğur Bilgiç says that the duration can be extended and shortened with the patient's interest in the treatment…

ERKEN ORTHODONTIC DIAGNOSIS, which is extremely vital, is at Beşonbeş Children's Dental Health Center. Thanks to the expert staff led by Uğur Bilgiç and extremely simple, tireless applications, it is successfully detected and treated.

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