Can aesthetic surgery be performed after pregnancy?

Can aesthetic surgery be performed after pregnancy?

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Aesthetic concerns always carry women. There are even women who are alienated from the body, especially after birth. Memorial Hospital, Department of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery. Dr. Deniz İşcen, She offers advice to women to güzelleş flourish after birth ”.

Do physical changes in women play a role in postpartum depression?

When considering postpartum depression, all the changes in the mother's life, as well as the effects of differentiating body structure with changing hormones, should be taken into account. The woman who is creating a new body from her own body is surprised when she realizes this change. Sometimes even these changes cause panic. The fear of “Will I always stay like this göster starts? When we were a student in medical school, one of our teachers told us about pregnancy and actually said ”pregnancy is a physiological disease”. As is known, the physiological word refers to the natural cycle of the body. In this sentence, “pregnancy affects the cycle of the mother's body in a disease dimension, the person is alienated to himself physically and spiritually istem wanted to explain briefly. If postpartum deformities cause psychological and physical effects in the mother and the desired improvements cannot be achieved with measures such as exercise, it is possible to regain self-esteem by appropriate plastic surgery and even contribute positively to her marriage.

Do cosmetic care applications during pregnancy provide benefit for postpartum period?

Although the changes in the body gradually occur, it is recommended not to gain excess weight during pregnancy and to reduce permanent damage by making oily massages on the enlarged skin to make this change less likely to affect postpartum. In this regard, we recommend baby oils and almond oil most of the time, of course, it is possible to apply a new cosmetic creams developed every day. Of course, there are also characteristics of the skin, because genetic effects can cause more cracking. Still, we should not give up the oily massage. Sagging can be prevented to some extent by exercise. It may be possible to get rid of the accumulated fat by an appropriate exercise program that is started immediately after birth.

What is the best time frame for mothers who are considering aesthetic intervention?

The woman who lives in such a short period of time like nine months becomes alienated to herself and women who fail to survive this after birth can get help from plastic surgeons after a while. This aid should never be performed immediately after a caesarean section, or as a breast surgery when giving milk. Because the body's responses in this period do not comply with our aesthetic goals. Therefore, we emphasize to wait in the first year. The procedures to be done do not affect fertility, fertility and breastfeeding. In the first months of the “how can I get rid of them” they are starting to answer the question. However, we know that the hormonal effect of pregnancy will last for at least a year and we will not achieve the desired results in our attempts during this period. This is why we avoid touching the mother surgically unless it is very, very mandatory after birth. This period should be a period of time that the mother will spend more patience in the remaining time from her baby, such as exercise, skin care.

If these efforts have not resulted in the first year and the patient is not considering a new birth, we can intervene in the abdomen and fat. In fact, although there is no case that prevents the next birth, the outcome of the surgery will be disrupted by a new birth, so we do not recommend surgery. This is especially true for surgeries where we remove skin from the abdomen, suture muscles, and breast surgeries. We do not recommend liposuction even after a year, because the skin has not yet regained its old elasticity. Liposuction, which is a method of fat removal by aspiration, can be applied for abdominal and leg fat, if desired by the patient, even if a child will be given birth again.

Does silicone prosthesis and reduction performed previously have any effect on milking?

Breast aesthetics is one of the most frequently asked issues after plastic surgery. Some breasts can become very large during breastfeeding and then do not return. Sometimes when the milk ends, the breast empties into a baggy bag. In order to shape the breast aesthetically, milk must be finished and this applies to silicone prosthesis and reduction and lifting surgeries. We recommend surgery after breastfeeding, especially if the patient does not want another child. It is important to note that the shape of the surgical breast may be distorted with a new pregnancy in patients who are unstable or who are planning a long birth. The silicone prosthesis to be applied or reduction surgery has no effect on milking in later births. It should be noted here that a different method of breast reduction, which is technically applied to very large breasts, is not already applied to women of childbearing age.

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