Speech therapy in children

Speech therapy in children

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Speech therapy

Not all children are lucky to learn to speak. Some children cannot speak at the expected time. in this case, you should take some precautions as early as possible for your child's speech development. Acıbadem Health Group Specialist Pedagogue Zehra Yılmaz warns families ğinde When these children are not treated early, they face more difficulties in language and speech skills in the coming years. Uyar

: Why do some children find it difficult to talk?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz Language and speech impairment may have been caused by an organic cause. This organic cause is an example of lip hearing loss. Therefore, performing the audiological evaluations in addition to the other examinations of the baby will ensure that the necessary precautions are taken for the losses that may cause more difficulties in the future. Speech disorder It is possible to group language and speech disorders under two headings: “organic causes” and “functional causes bağlı that arise due to a certain organ disorder.

: What causes the speech disorder?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz In order to understand the underlying causes of language and speech disorders, it is necessary to seek help from other medical branches.

: What kind of a joint work is being carried out with which branches?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz This situation varies according to the problem of people with language and speech problems, otorhinolaryngology, pediatrician, neurologist, neurosurgeon, psychiatrist, internal medicine specialist, physiotherapist, respiratory therapist, dietitian, social service specialist, child development specialist in the hospital environment with the treatment of more it is advantageous. Families see the treatment of one specialist as sufficient and there is a problem in getting the support of other specialists. However, when the necessary experts are consulted, it can be understood that other problems lie at the root of the problem. Parents do not admit that the child may have a physical origin under the language and speech disorder. 'My child has a condition to go to the neurologist,' they react by saying. However, sometimes there is a physical problem that is easy to solve. As a result of this problem is solved, it becomes easier to provide support speaking skills.

: What are the most common organic disorders?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz One of the organic problems is hearing difficulties. As early diagnosis is essential for the resolution of the hearing problem, it is beneficial for families to be extremely sensitive at this point.

: How is the therapy performed?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz As soon as the family of a child with language and speech impairment recognizes the problem, they should consult a specialist therapist. 'Let's wait until the age of four speaks, so was his father, his primary school discourse with literacy learns is now obsolete. If you start with these considerations, you can see that a problem that can be solved until the school term when the therapy is started in the early period becomes more complicated in time if it is not taken into therapy in time. So much so that in the following years, problems such as inability to read and write and incorrect writing may arise. This time, children will be able to make misjudgments about them because they are unable to read and write or speak, and they may be left out of the group due to problems in communication with friends. When he was 4 years old, he was brought from a kindergarten by his mother, who was mentally underage. As a result of the assessment methods we applied to the child, we concluded that she had a problem with language and speech, lost confidence in time because she had difficulty expressing her feelings and thoughts, became aggressive, and became aggressive towards her friends and family. Therapy was applied for more than 2 years, now he is studying in the third grade of primary school and it is stated that there is no problem in their relations.

: Is there a therapy for stuttering?
More professionals named zehra yılmaz The exact cause of stuttering is not known. There are many theories about the cause, but we cannot say for sure. It can only be said to be a very complex process. There is no cure yet, but the stuttering can be controlled with therapy. At home, it is extremely important to repeat the therapy in the institution every day with the family of the individual and to complete the assigned assignments.

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