Regarding motherhood with Irmak Ünal: What I do most lovingly in my life is motherhood!

Regarding motherhood with Irmak Ünal: What I do most lovingly in my life is motherhood!

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Can you summarize your changing life after Kayla was born?Gone with the wind. It was the best 20 months of my life. In the process, I felt that my child, my husband and my entire family were with me. I feel like I'm growing up with my daughter. That gives me happiness.
Was it the right time to be a mother?I never thought of anything like “I wish it was later”. There are times when I say I wish I was a younger mother. However, if I think about my view of the current world and my interpretation of the events, I think it was a good time.
Did being a mother change you?Nothing has changed in a negative way, but there have been positive changes. What I do most fondly in my life; motherhood… I used to think I used to be an actor, but I loved being a mother more than acting. After becoming a mother, I began to understand myself and people better. When you watch a baby grow up, it's much better to know that every person in the world is a child.

You arrive. Your anger towards anybody, the anger is minimal. After being a mother, I began to look at things more softly, understanding and kindly. Raising a good-hearted child is my top priority.
How was your pregnancy?Was very nice. My birth was a bit challenging, but the result is important. I wanted to have a normal birth, but after 20 hours, they took a C-section. Now, when I think back, I don't remember all of this as a horrible story. On the contrary, I remember good things, of course, the doctor has a great importance.
How much weight did you gain in that period?I gained 13 kilos. I lost nine pounds two months later, and the others went off. I'm on the weight I got pregnant right now.
How was the puerperium?I've lived a lot. I wanted to take care of my baby at that time. Only my mother could do it except me. I mean, everybody loves my baby, kisses, smells it's okay, but I wanted to care for you.
How long did you breastfeed?14 months. Then, when the doctor said “enough“, we ended up slowly.
Maybe your second baby is a boy. Do you think?I want Kayla to be her brother, and I don't want to be too old. Kismet… It doesn't matter if it's a girl or a boy, it's enough to be healthy.
What do you care about most when raising children?I don't have ridiculous rules, but I'm still trying to raise a kid with limits. He's a free child, but he needs some limits to learn to live by respecting everyone. His father and I set our rules. Other than that, Sundays are our family days. She becomes very happy and socialized in a crowded environment.
Did he go to playgroups?When I was six months old and started to sit, I started the play group. Some kids refuse, but Kayla likes it. She loves having a child around, and starts sharing almost everything with her.
Father-daughter love?Yeah. All girls of this age have a love for their father. They deal with whistles, they have a special communication. Sometimes I leave them alone, they both really enjoy it.

I see you only speak English to Kayla. How did you decide that and how did you follow?The method we apply now is a very good experience. So, I began to apply both the American taking advice and ideas from educators in Turkey. Ever since Kayla was born, I've spoken to her in English. I have studied this language at the university and I think that my child will have a lot more to do in the future. Turkish is one of the most beautiful languages ​​in the world and our mother tongue is learning Turkish at the same time as English. What is important here is that only one family member speaks English 24/7, in any mood when he is angry or happy. Failure to do so will result in confusion. Everyone in the family speaks Turkish and learns English from me. I recommend this method to everyone. The children's brain is so open to perceiving everything that they have no difficulty.
Did having a child affect your marriage?Yes, it affected very positively. We were already good friends, now we understand better why we are good friends. We can better understand why we choose each other as a life partner, and build a cause-effect relationship in a better way. We both wanted to be parents. After Kayla, we became like strawberries. May Allah hide from evil eye. With Kayla, our marriage became more colorful.

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