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In schools, the cymbals will ring for the holidays and millions of students will experience the excitement of report cards. Some will happily run their report cards to their homes and share their joy with their parents… The hands of the elders will be kissed, the report cards will be proudly shown and holiday plans will be started. For some students, the holiday will start a bit astringent!

Tatil Regardless of the report cards, the holiday starts today! Ev said Evrim Arslan, Head of Guidance Department at Bilfen Schools. Holiday; fen It is a period that needs to be well planned and evaluated, an Bilfenli said, noting that there is no process where development stops, all rules are set back and responsibilities are completely eliminated.

Evrim Arslan, Head of Guidance Department at Bilfen Schools, says:, It is a very valuable time period in which parents can have more time with their children and can provide more guidance on the aspects of their children who need to develop or strengthen their interests and abilities.:

Have family days and choose summer school!

• If your child has a weak report card or if you think that your child has achieved below its potential; anger, punishment will only damage your child's self-confidence and reinforce failure instead of increasing success. Instead of concentrating on the weaker grade, it would be more appropriate to focus on identifying and eliminating the reasons for your child's weakness.

• Giving age-appropriate responsibilities about the home, evaluating work habits together, chatting with your child about how you can support her as a parent, trying to understand your expectations will help you reach a solution. Identifying the lessons and topics that need to be further worked out, preparing a non-intensive work plan together, and supporting them to comply with the program will ensure that the three-month holiday period is productive.

• As the holiday begins, your child's computer and television demands will increase. Directing you to a summer camp suitable for your child's interests and abilities such as painting, ceramics, music, sports science hem will not only reduce your conflicts with your child during the hours spent on computer and television, but will also help your child to make new friends, improve himself and evaluate his holiday efficiently.

• You can set one or two days a week as a family day and decide with your child what you can do on those days. By choosing books to read, films to watch, you can evaluate these days by reading a book together, watching movies or playing enjoyable family games and strengthening your communication with your child. Reading an example of your child will make him / her acquire the habit of reading books, and discussing the books or movies you watch will help you get to know your child better and make you feel that you care about his / her ideas.

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