Your child starts swimming!

Your child starts swimming!

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It's summer, the weather is warm, and it's time to swim. If your child still doesn't know how to swim, this is the time to teach him to swim. In order to teach your child how to swim, I have written an article on the steps of swimming education. After reading this article you can go to the nearest pool to your house (those who have the chance to the sea) by holding your child's hand and start the education. Let it come easy to you!

Three important reasons for swimming:

1. swim is a very fun activity
2. swimming is a life-saving activity
3. swimming is beneficial for health

Follow these steps while teaching your child how to swim…

Step 1: Have your child lie on his or her back on the water surface. Help him move safely on the water surface by holding his armpits. In the meantime, always smile at your child and talk about the pleasure of this job.

Step 2: First of all, make sure that the first step is fully fulfilled and assess whether your child is ready to move on to the second step. Encourage your child to use his legs, continue to hold him, and encourage him to swim. Failure to do so may jeopardize your trust and start to be frightening.

Step 3: Encourage your child to swim. First, teach him to swim without putting his face in the water. Follow the arm movement and show him your own ear sample.

Step 4: Encourage your child to plunge by submerging his face in water, hold him for a short period of time and hold a stroke. But don't force it, you can panic and scare him.

Step 5: When you see that your child can stay on the water surface without your help, move away from him at short distances and ask him to swim towards you. As your child can swim these distances, increase distances.

Step 6: Help your child to adjust the amount of time he needs to breathe and stroke.

Step 7: Encourage your child to jump into the water and show him what he should do. While your child is jumping into the water, stand in such a way that you can catch him in the water and prevent him from going too deep in the first jump.

*** Do not expect your child to pass these steps in a short time, do not try to teach the steps at once, you may cause your child to panic and fear, remember!

Important points:

• If you cannot trust yourself, if you are worried about any danger, never attempt this, let your child learn to swim by professional people. You can eliminate this problem by registering him for a swimming course as soon as possible.

• Never leave your child alone or in water. Be very careful about this, remember, instant errors can lead to irreversible results!

A question for your child: Five brothers swim to salute you in the sea, but one of them is different from the others. Can you find the different swimmer brother?

Answer: The 4th swimmer brother is different from the others, because there is only one wire between the glasses of his glasses.

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