Pregnant women should pay attention in hot weather!

Pregnant women should pay attention in hot weather!

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Pregnant women exposed to extreme heat in the days of heat rise up to various disability problems may occur in the baby. In this case, the candidates should be extremely careful for themselves and the health of their babies. Pregnant women should protect themselves from the sun's rays during their pregnancy. They must be in the shade or preferably rest on a t-shirt and use creams with protection factors. Especially in the afternoon when the rays of the sun come upright and in the afternoon when the temperature is high, they should not be careful not to go out into the streets unless necessary. Pregnant women who stay in long heat can increase or fall their blood pressure, and this situation can create serious risks for the unborn baby. Because the baby in the womb takes oxygen and gives carbon dioxide. Due to the disruption of the gas exchange of the mother's baby whose blood pressure is deteriorated, the oxygen level in the blood drops below the required level, and both the mother and the baby may face serious problems. In addition, during the summer months and especially at the beach will be more than usual loss should be paid more attention to reception. However, the fact that pregnant women are protected from heat during every period of pregnancy does not mean that they can never go to the sun. the baby in the belly always needs sunlight and a small amount of sunlight can cause schizophrenia later in life. In a test, the probability of a person being schizophrenic may be directly related to the rate of sunlight in the womb. Not taking sunlight will lead to vitamin D deficiency scientists, this may also affect the development of the brain in the womb of the unborn baby.Summer warning to pregnant womenIn the summer, especially pregnant women, excessive and overwhelming heat loss will increase due to the body and for this, plenty of juicy foods and beverages to consume and light-colored, sweat-free clothing is useful to wear.In addition, unstable blood pressure can cause unconsciousness due to the effects of heat. For this, unless you have to go out at noon. In addition, pregnancy is not an obstacle for women to go on holiday in summer. If there is no discomfort and your doctor allows you to travel by any means of transportation. For example, air travel during pregnancy is the most common one. You must ensure that the cabin pressure of the aircraft to be traveled alone is set. During pregnancy, there are some points to consider when traveling by bus, plane, or train. Sitting anywhere longer affects blood circulation in the legs and causes swelling of the feet and wrists. For this reason, every 2-hour break on every journey should take a light walk and blood circulation should be stimulated. Stretch your calf muscles by gently pulling your feet towards you so that your heels are centered. Then turn your ankles right and left and open and close your toes. However, women who have problems during pregnancy should show that they do not take long-term trips and remember that climate changes will negatively affect pregnancy.The benefits of exercise should not be forgottenExercise movements are rhythmic and meet the increasing oxygen demand of the muscles. Helps mobilize the heart and lungs. It regulates blood pressure balance and increases oxygen production and usage especially in summer heat. These movements help reduce the risk of varicose veins and swelling of the legs and help to feed the baby. It strengthens the muscles and prevents back pain, thus allowing you to carry the extra burden of both temperature and pregnancy. In addition, your endurance increases and you can tolerate birth more easily. It also reduces the feeling of hunger, allows you to sleep better and helps you feel yourself. Apart from the exercises you can do at home or outside during pregnancy, the most suitable sport is walking, the second is swimming. However, because of the summer heat, swimming is a popular sport. Since the amount of oxygen taken during swimming increases, the amount of oxygen to the baby increases. One of the factors that makes swimming the most appropriate sport during pregnancy is that it is impossible for a person who knows how to swim, injure himself in water, fall and crash into places. Another is that pregnant women feel weightless. This is especially important for women who live in the late summer period in the psychological period. In addition, sweating in water and overheating of the body is not possible because it eliminates such negative effects of exercise and provides a separate advantage.Nutrition during pregnancyWeight gain during pregnancy is a very detail. The recommended weight gain during this period varies from person to person. The recommended weight gain is as follows: Normal weight 11.5 - 16 kg, 12.5 - 18 kg of low weight, 7 - 11.5 kg of weight is more. Within these limits, the problems of those who gain weight due to pregnancy period decrease. Of course, you should remember that you can catch this form with regular exercises. In the first months of pregnancy with a balanced diet and exercise in the summer, 1 kg per month, after 20 weeks by taking 2 kg per month you can control your health. Those who gain more weight than the baby is likely to be large and the probability of giving birth by caesarean section increases between 20% and 30%.Remember these1- Do not forget to eat at least 2 servings of vitamin C foods.2- Change in pregnancy leads to sweat in the body. Therefore, instead of a simple deodarant use antiperspirant products. Do not forget the calming effect and take a bath or foot bath before going to bed. Don't forget to add lavender or rose oil to the bath water. This both relaxes you and softens your skin.6- Take evening strolls to spend the night quiet and calm. Going out and calming the nerves of candidates and calms the unborn baby.

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